Who can resist the sweet smell of warm cookies as they are taken out of the oven? I know I can’t! I find myself following the delicious aroma, reaching to try a bite before they have even cooled enough to eat. 

Though I, myself, am not skilled in the kitchen, I have many family members who love to bake and have created a variety of desserts that I have been fortunate enough to taste test. 

My sister, for example, can be found baking at all hours of the day, making cookies, cakes, brownies and more. It is because of her love of baking that I have been able to try and enjoy so many sweet treats! 

One desert that has become a favorite in my household is oatmeal cookies. We first stumbled upon the recipe for these  cookies after simply turning over a bag of Toll House butterscotch chips. The recipe for “Oatmeal Scotchies” as the package called them. After seeing it, we knew this was a recipe that we had to try for ourselves.  

These Oatmeal Scotchies are cookies that my mom first started baking during quarantine just about two years ago. Ever since then, I have not been able to get enough of them! 

Here are all of the ingredients so you can make this delicious dessert on your own:

11/4 cups of flour

1 teaspoon of baking soda

½ teaspoon of salt

½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon

1 cup of softened butter

¾ cup of granulated sugar

¾ cup of packed brown sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

3 cups of old-fashioned oats

12/3 cups of butterscotch-flavored morsels/chips

All of the ingredients and further baking instructions for these cookies can be found online. Or, maybe you have stumbled upon this recipe after turning over a bag of butterscotch morsels as well.

Though this is a specific recipe that comes from Nestle Toll House, it is a recipe that can be experimented with. It has taken my family some trial and error to perfect these cookies and we have even experimented with substituting the flour and the oats to make them gluten free! 

No matter how you make them, the final product comes out of the oven warm and ready to be eaten. You may even find yourself finishing the whole batch in one day or fighting over the last cookie, just as my family does. 

The mixture of the sweet butterscotch with the warm oats is one that cannot be compared to anything else. This is, by far, my favorite dessert recipe. It is a recipe I would highly recommend trying out so you can taste the delicious results for yourself. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

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