I have always made listening to music an essential part of my study and homework routine. I am sadly not one of those people who can listen to nothing at all and remain focused, especially now that most of the schoolwork I’m doing is self-directed. This is even more true during the “Study in Place” period on campus. Odds are, you and your roommates are spending even more time studying in the same space. Listening to something can help you get less distracted and also make you less likely to distract the people around you! Everyone likes different things to listen to while studying, so I’m going to list some of my favorites, and I hope you can find some inspiration! 

  1. Classical All The Way: “ Bridgerton: Official Playlist” or “Classical Essentials

The benefits of listening to classical music while studying are well-documented, and it has always been something that helps me focus. Sometimes when you listen to songs with lyrics you get too caught up in singing along when you should be focusing on your work. Classical music also has the added benefit of being incredibly calming most of the time. Recently, like the 82 million other people who have watched it, I have been obsessed with “Bridgerton.” Therefore, the “Bridgerton: Official Playlist” has been a studying go-to because it consists of the classical backdrops from scenes in the show and the fun classical remixes of pop songs, also included in the show. This playlist will definitely make you feel as though you are getting ready for a ball instead of writing your fifth discussion board post this week. But, if the regency aesthetic isn’t your vibe, the “Classical Essentials” playlist is a great starting point! 

  1. The Chill Pop Vibe: “Fresh and Chill” or “soda”  

Weirdly enough, I love to use my time studying as a way to find new music, especially chill pop songs. I think that it helps when you choose to listen to music to make it something that you don’t know and love, so you don’t have the opportunity to get too focused on it. These playlists update and change all the time, and they always have a good mix of older songs that you may know already, plus songs you have never heard. They remind me of the music that softly plays when you are studying in a coffee shop, which is always a great vibe. I also have to toss in an honorable mention to the new Lizzy McAlpine album, “Give Me a Minute,” because when it comes to chill study pop, this has been one of my favorites for about a month now! 

  1. Full “Iron Man” Vibes: “Pure Pop Punk” and “Tony Stark Style” 

This may be an odd one, but for me, sometimes the only thing that gets me to work is some loud classic rock or more modern “pop-punk,” like Machine Gun Kelly or YUNGBLUD. The scene in the first “Iron Man” movie when Tony Stark blasts ACDC when building the Iron Man suit is a great representation of me trying to finish a paper during finals week. I wrote a 15-page paper last semester to basically only the new YUNGBLUD album, “weird!”.  I spend a lot of my time writing because I am an English major, and I think that the fast pace of this music helps me to keep on pace when I’m typing a lot. They also have the added benefit of being loud enough to tune out everything around you and prevent distractions. My personal playlist, “Tony Stark Style,” includes a weird mix of Halsey and classic rock, and “Pure Pop Punk” is a great mix of oldies like All Time Low and new stuff from the recent Machine Gun Kelly album. 

Remember that everyone is different and you have to find what works for you when studying. Hopefully, some of these playlists give you some ideas to make being mostly online more bearable this semester! Happy studying!   

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