Nicholas Sparks casts his romantic spell once again in the newest film adaptation of his novel, “The Longest Ride,” which came out in theaters on April 10. Spanning two generations and intertwining love stories, Sparks succeeds once again in making “sparks” fly and touches the hearts of many. Sparks’ books and their adaptations are famously known as being highly emotional and dramatically over the top. His beautifully written stories are consistent in this distinctive pattern and have been great hits in the box office. “The Notebook,” “Dear John,” “The Last Song” and “Safe Haven” are some of his previous books made into films and “The Longest Ride” marks his 17th best seller and 10th book to be adapted to the big screen.

“The Longest Ride” explores two different love stories told from two different periods in time.  Taking place in North Carolina, the first story is told in present time about main character Sophia Danko, played by Britt Robertson, a Wake Forest University student who has a chance encounter with rodeo cowboy Luke Collins, played by Scott Eastwood. Sophia has lined up a dream internship at an art gallery in New York City, whereas Luke is trying to make a comeback in his life-long passion of bullfighting. The two come from very different worlds, yet their strong attraction and feelings toward each other are undeniable. On their first date together they stumble across a car crash where they save an old man named Ira Levinson, played by Alan Alda, who soon became an unlikely friend. Ira shares his story with Sophia of the love of his life, his beloved Ruth played by Oona Chaplin. The movie flashes back to the 1940s to depict the life of a similarly in-love couple living in a much different decade, with Jack Huston playing a young Ira. Their lives are separated by years and experience, yet they will unexpectedly converge and yield an extraordinary journey.

The most famous star in the movie happens to be Scott Eastwood, Clinton Eastwood’s son, making the film to be particularly noteworthy. Scott’s handsome resemblance is unmistakable to his father during his younger days as an actor with the same crystal blue eyes and prominent jawline.

He most definitely made an impression on all of young women out there watching with his irresistible cowboy charm and charismatic way about him. By the end of the movie, all girls will be sure to want a cowboy of their own.

There are notable differences between the book and the movie, and many of the details are left out or altered in a new way. Although this may bother those who have read the book first, it is done in a way that makes the storyline flow easier from one scene to the next.

“The Longest Ride” is the kind of feel-good romantic movie that will leave your heart warm and fuzzy after leaving the movie theatre. This deeply passionate and emotional tale will make hearts pitter-patter and leap towards the hope of one day finding a love as true as Sophia and Luke’s. It is a perfect date movie.

Longtime fans and followers of Sparks will not be disappointed. Keep a look out for the 11th adaptation of his novel “The Choice” which looms on the horizon next to be a major motion picture.

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