With the sun shining brighter and the air growing warmer, now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the joys of spring activities. Whether you prefer the great outdoors or the coziness of the indoors, there are a plethora of activities to explore. Here are some delightful spring activities to brighten your days:

  1. Paint your own flower pot: Creative or not, taking a moment to unwind and painting your own flower pot can bring vibrant colors and flair to your home or garden! To spark your imagination, you can even look up some inspirational photos on platforms such as Pinterest. The best part of this project is that it can completely fit your own aesthetic!
  1. Trip to the New York Botanical Garden: Step into vibrant flowers and flourishing greenery in New York City. From small plants to towering trees, the garden is perfect for all ages. Immerse yourself in nature, and if you would like to, take some Instagram photos with the backdrops of stunning floral displays.
  1. Plant a spring garden: One of my favorite things to experience in the spring is planting my own spring garden with my dad. Inspired by his love of cooking, we plant basil, mint, thyme, parsley, and tomatoes. You can experiment with different plants and herbs that work best for your lifestyle and growing conditions. 
  1. Have a picnic: Gather a soft, outdoor blender, and a picnic basket filled with sandwiches, pastries, and refreshing drinks, and head to a peaceful spot in your favorite park or even your own backyard. Last summer, I had a picnic in the park overlooking a small lake. The birds chirping, the sun coming through the trees, and the gentle breeze make the picnic experience so peaceful. 
  1. Go for a bike ride: Whether you are looking for a workout or leisure, biking offers you both! Whether you are looking for solitude or company with friends, biking can bring relaxation or excitement. You can engage in conversations while pedaling alongside friends, or have a competitive race. Immersing yourself in nature around you can be a great way to have some alone time. Biking’s versatility is what makes it such a perfect spring activity.
  1. Bake your favorite dessert: While spring rain showers fall outdoors, it is the perfect opportunity to stay inside in your warm kitchen. “April showers bring May flowers,” but they also offer the perfect reason to cook your favorite food or bake your favorite dessert. One of my personal favorites for a rainy day is Taylor Swift’s famous chai cookies.
  1. Outdoor movie night: Underneath the twinkling stars, with a projector and a simple white sheet, you can effortlessly create a backyard movie theater right outside your house. You can invite your friends, pass around popcorn, and even make smores! 

I hope these activities bring in a bit more sunshine to your Spring!

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