A huge part of campus life should be great school spirit shared by everyone! Some may say, however, that Fairfield lacks school spirit at times, such as at certain sporting events. 

It is no secret that cultivating a strong sense of pride and unity among students takes shared efforts. If more Stags begin to show their school spirit, more and more will slowly join in. 

Here’s a guide as to how we Stags can begin to raise the energy a bit and show off our school spirit!

First, go to more events! You can’t show off any school spirit if you don’t attend any sport events, rallies, etc. You only get four years, so really make the most of them. Hop on the bus to Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Conn. to cheer on our men’s and women’s basketball teams, or stop by Lessing field to cheer on soccer and lacrosse. Having a large crowd at games to show support for fellow stags is an easy way of increasing our school spirit.

Second, have confidence! Do not be afraid to be the first one to make some noise at an event. If your friends are with you, it can help ease some of your nerves as you all cheer loudly and proudly together. The other stags will surely appreciate it and many are sure to join in. 

Third, buy some Fairfield swag to wear around campus and at big events. Any easy way to raise school spirit is wearing around your school’s colors for others to see. It’s easy and you can look good while doing it!

Fourth, if you want to really get creative, try making some posters to bring to big sport events or other school activities. Grab some markers and paints with your friends and make signs to hold up proudly in support of those you are cheering on. It will surely mean a lot to them as they look into the crowd and see all your support!

Lastly, just be involved around campus. Showing school spirit is easier than you may think. Fairfield allows for so many wonderful opportunities, whether that be to engage in research with a tenured professor, study abroad in a foreign country, decorate succulents hosted by Fairfield at Night, listen to a prominent guest speaker in the Regina A. Quick Center of the Arts and so on. Don’t let all these opportunities pass you by. Form connections with professors and peers, be active in our community and work to continue making Fairfield a better place for incoming generations. You have the power to create positive change, you just have to want to!

I hope this guide helps as you think about ways to raise your own school spirit. We stags can do anything and I have no doubt that if enough of us put our minds to it, we could maximize our school spirit. Go Stags!


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