The days are starting to warm up which means that arguably, the best seasonal styles are in tow. The trend of strictly wearing neutrals has been on the rise for the past year. It’s time to revamp our closets and reevaluate our aesthetic. After a winter marked by neutral colors and minimalistic accessories, many are finding themselves innately drawn to bright colors with the change of seasons. Well…brighter.  

Last spring we saw lots of vibrant magentas, exuberant oranges and intense blues. Perhaps this flashier style was an outward reflection of wanting merrier times after another winter bogged down by COVID anguish. Now that we’ve experienced a more lighthearted fall and winter, it’s apparent that we don’t feel the need to garb ourselves in neon. Instead, muted sea blues, greens and calming shades of beige are beginning to steal our hearts and take over our Instagram feeds.  

Now that colors are covered, let’s move on to what styles are in store. It’s safe to say that Anthropologie and Free People have been patiently waiting for this next trend. According to Vogue, the dreamiest dress to wear this summer is the prairie dress. Long yet lightweight, these dresses create the perfect mixture of femininity and comfort for torrid summer afternoons. Not to mention, the detailed embroidery and billowy sleeves are accessories within themselves.     

Following the theme of flowy and free, it’s become apparent in the last year that linen is the most versatile material for practically every season. Lately, a popular trend consists of grabbing a basic linen button-down and pairing it with a surprise: a pair of linen pants! To spice things up, many influencers are opting for lowrise linen pants and leaving their midsection exposed by only buttoning the top portion of their shirt. Throw a bikini on underneath, a jeweled belly chain and a pair of platform sandals, and you have transformed your linen “sweatsuit” into a work of art.  

Lastly, upon analyzing the token accessories for this upcoming summer, I have found that those pops of color from last season are now being manifested in bags and jewelry. Many are stylizing their fits with small spirited purses and funky earrings or necklaces. Asymmetry is also on the rise, as we see with the mini Dior Saddle Bag and acrylic earrings. @Feltatelier on Instagram is a great small business that has amazing statement pieces. I also recommend checking out @Brunabear on Instagram to see how she’s styling these accessories.  

This summer is going to be one to remember, not only for a newfound sense of normalcy, but for the exquisitely elegant outfits we’re going to be seeing. All this being said, it’s important to make trends your own and to shop sustainably whenever possible. Take what you’re seeing in stores and on social media and turn it into a reflection of your personal style. All these tips will hopefully equip you with a quintessential summer wardrobe that will keep you looking sophisticated and feeling ultra-comfortable.

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