Summer is quickly approaching, and with a break in classes, many students may be looking for a temporary job to fill their free time. If you are looking for a way to make some extra money during the summer months while still enjoying your time off from school, here are a few summer job options!

What Kind of Job:

Caregiver – Being a caregiver during the summer months is a great option if you are looking for something that has both flexible hours and helps build your resume. For those looking to pursue a career in education, being a nanny is a great way to gain experience with children. Continually, those looking to work in the healthcare field may gain experience by being a caregiver to an elderly community member at a nursing home. Pet and house-sitting are also great alternatives that you can add to your resume. 

Server – Although hourly rates are typically low, getting tips as a server is a great way to make some extra money over the summer. When looking for a food service job, it is important to consider if you would prefer to be a waiter or a host. Deciding whether you’d like to work in a fast-paced restaurant or a slower environment is also something to consider. 

Outdoors – If you’re looking to take in the warm weather while also making some extra money, try looking into some outdoor employment options. Lifeguarding is a popular job for avid swimmers and typically comes with an hourly rate between $12 and $13. However, you must note that you must be certified in CPR and first aid for children and adults through the American Red Cross in order to work in this position. If this is difficult for you to achieve, working as a camp counselor is also a great option for any outdoorsy people who enjoy working with children. 

Large business – Working for a larger company is also a good option when looking for a summer job. Corporations such as Amazon have been known to pay upwards of $16 in the New York City region. Furthermore, other businesses such as UberEats, Shipt and Postmates are also promising summer jobs for those looking to make their own schedule. 

Internship – If your main priority is to gain relevant work experience in your field of study, searching for an internship is the best option. Some factors to consider are whether or not it is important to you if the internship is paid and how many hours per week you’d like to commit to. 

Where to Look:

Job Listing Sites – From Indeed to LinkedIn to places like Stags4Hire, there are plenty of job listing sites to find any kind of job. Websites like Indeed allow you to create a profile and apply to jobs quickly by linking your resume, while websites like LinkedIn also tell you how many applicants each listing has and if you know someone at the company. 

Glassdoor – Websites such as Glassdoor provide you with helpful information such as current job listings, hourly rates and employee reviews. This can be a great website to check out after receiving a job offer to make sure you are being offered the same amount as other employees and what to expect from the work environment. 

In-person- There is no place better to find a job than in-person where you can talk to someone face-to-face. Local businesses such as retail stores and restaurants often have job listings right on their doors and may be able to provide you with information right on the spot.  

Whether you are looking for a way to gain career experience, or just looking to make some extra money, there are plenty of summer job options for college students. With endless listings online and in-person, there are also plenty of opportunities to land the job perfect for your summer. Good luck, and happy interviewing, Stags!

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