The hunt for treasure continues with Netflix’s release of the newest season of the original adventure drama, “Outer Banks”. That’s right. “Outer Banks” is back and the Pogues and Kooks are at each other’s throats once again in the race for treasure. Since the release of season three on Feb. 23, there have been mixed reviews, both good and bad. And while this was not my favorite season of the show, I still found myself hitting the “next episode” button until I had binged the entire season. I think that this season contains everything that makes “Outer Banks” the lovable show that it is: action, drama, romance, danger and a hunt for treasure.  

This review will contain some small spoilers, so if you have not caught up with the latest adventures of the Pogues and the Kooks, I suggest you stop reading here.  

Right off the bat, season three reminds viewers of some shocking plot twists and developments from the previous season’s finale that may have been forgotten. It picks up in “Poguelandia,” the self-proclaimed land of the Pogues (John B, Sarah Cameron, JJ, Kiara, Pope and newest friend Cleo). After losing the Cross of Santo Domingo to Ward and Rafe Cameron, the cross they had spent the majority of season two hunting for, the crew finds themselves stranded in the Caribbean.

Rescued from the island by a passing plane, this season hits the ground running and is action-packed as they realize they have been set up and captured by Carlos Singh, who believes they have a diary in their possession that will help obtain a large amount of gold. 

One of the biggest shocks that came to fans at the end of season two was the reveal that John B’s father, “Big John” is alive after being presumed dead for over a year. As he has spent his entire life searching for treasure, he brings John B into his mission to crack the code and find the road to El Dorado. Oh, and we learn that Sarah’s father, Ward Cameron, is alive as well and hiding out in Guadalupe. And though he attempts to make amends for his past crimes in this season, he will once again wreak havoc on the plans of the Pogues and betray his daughter’s trust. 

I will admit that it took me a few episodes to settle into this new season and get my footing with the complex plotlines. However, once I did get my footing, I was hooked!

The team makes it back safely to The Outer Banks and the remainder of the show is packed with action, drama, romance and, of course, the rivalry between the wealthy “Kooks” and the “Pogues” who live on The Cut, the south side of the OBX.

With the Cross of Santo Domingo melted down to be sold by Sarah’s brother Rafe, the Pogues realize that this is treasure they will never get back and they turn their attention to the 500-year-old mystery of the road to El Dorado. Alongside “Big John,” the Pogues work to decipher the pieces of the puzzle they have, including the diary and family heirlooms of Pope’s, in order to win the race against Mr. Singh to the site of the treasure. 

Half of the fun of the show is solving the mystery of the hidden treasure of El Dorado alongside the team, so I won’t spoil the outcome of this mission here. Will the Pogues find the treasure? Will they succeed in beating Mr. Singh on their quest to El Dorado? You will just have to watch season three of “Outer Banks” for yourself to find out!

While I always enjoy a good treasure hunt, especially with the beach as the setting, my only complaint is that I feel season three becomes a bit repetitive of the previous two seasons at times. With few introductions to new characters and similar plotlines in the battling hunt for treasure between the Kooks and the Pogues, I believe the show could have done more or taken a different direction.

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed binging this new season of “Outer Banks” and found myself getting more and more hooked the more the season progressed. I just wish I was hooked from the start. The setting of the OBX made me long for summer days and I am already eagerly anticipating the next season! 

And of course season three left us on a cliffhanger when the team of Pogues is approached by a man in possession of a captain’s log and they learn it contains the mysterious exact locations of where the ship has sailed and where it has stopped. Who is the captain of this ship, you may ask? The answer to this question: Blackbeard. The show was just approved for a fourth season, so fans can look forward to this new adventure in the OBX in the near future!

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