Baby pinks, pale greens powder blues — pastels are classic. You can never go wrong with these delicate colors for a number of reasons:

Easy to Style: Styling is never an issue when pastels are concerned. Their light hues make them easy to work with so they can be effortlessly combined with a variety of colors, including other pastels.

Timeless: Because these shades of color are so calm, they can be worn during any season. For the colder months, pair your pastels with neutrals. They are also perfect for the transition into warmer months.

Safe and Exciting: Wearing bold and bright colors can be intimidating, but safe options can be boring. With pastels, there is a happy medium. While pastels are a safe, go-to option, their whimsical hues can make any outfit playful.

Limitless: No matter what your skin tone is, pastels are for you. With a variety of these soft shades, there are so many options to choose from.

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