Now that it’s beginning to feel like spring, it’s time to pull out the neon colors. This vibrant trend is here to stay for the warmer months, so make sure to stack up on brighter pieces. Neon colors can be a bit intimidating to wear, but they are nonetheless playful and perfect for the upcoming months. Here are some tips on how to wear neon:

1. Mix two neon colors to make your look bolder. If you like combining colors to mix up your look, you can try this by wearing one piece of neon clothing and accessorizing the other neon color. You can also opt out for a calmer look by accessorizing both neon colors.

2. Keep in mind that neon colors are fun, but not when overdone. If you wear too many pieces of neon, your look can easily go from playful to tacky. Try sticking with a maximum of two neon colors per outfit.

3. Beware of the patterns you choose to combine with neon colors (unless the neon is a part of the pattern). Neon colors are already daring and eye-catching, so make sure the patterns you include are not too overwhelming. You can effortlessly pull this combo off with mix and match bikinis.

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