1. Heels: The main go-to option for a sporty chic look is a pair of heels — but it can’t be any old pair. Sporty chic usually fits best with simple sandal pumps, plain booties and pointy toe heels.

  2. Jerseys: These tops are for more than just sporting events—now that jerseys have made a comeback in the fashion arena, you can’t go wrong with them.

  3. Crewnecks: Who knew that crewnecks and heels would ever be used in the same sentence? Match these two and you’ve got yourself a sporty chic look.

  4. Varsity Jackets: Like jerseys, varsity jackets are easy to work with because they automatically create a sporty appearance.

  5. Loose-Fitting Bottoms: When putting a sporty chic look together, remember the sporty aspect of it. Bottoms such as joggers, loose shorts and other loose-fitting pants are most commonly used with this style. If you prefer a tighter bottom, pair it with an oversized top such as a varsity jacket or a crewneck sweater.

  6. Tuxedo Stripe Pants: Because of the stripe at the sides, these bottoms can look sporty no matter the fit. The perk of these pants is their ability to match a variety of tops, including collared shirts and blazers.

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