“Unintended Consequences” by Stuart Woods is a Stone Barrington novel coming out this week.  This is a highly acclaimed thriller about a cunning lawyer who travels to Europe and finds himself in a web of deception among a number of elusive people. He must toil through this plot to find his way to a safe place.

“Don’t Go” by Lisa Scottoline is also coming out on the 9th.  This novel is all about something different than Scottoline usually writes about. In contrast to the stories about strong women dealing with life, this book is about a soldier who learns a valuable lesson: to take on the roles of a father and a man in addition to a military person.

“Tapestry of Fortunes” by Elizabeth Berg is another upcoming release for this week.  This book is all about the journeys of four women who aim to travel into their past lives and use the experience they have to shape their future lives, in order to obtain a prosperous future.

“Taking Eve” by Iris Johansen, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, is a brand new novel from the Eve Duncan trilogy.  In this book about this forensic sculptor, Eve, Johansen tries to bring some sense of closure and comfort to the unfortunate families who have mysteriously lost their children in unexplained circumstances. This book comes out on April 16th.

“LeaderShift: A Call for Americans to Finally Stand Up and Lead” by Orin Woodward and Oliver DeMille is a new book coming out about how Americans are losing their edge in the financial world.  It is chronicles the life a successful CEO and as he critiques how this country is truly falling behind in the world of influence and power.  It aims to show how a solid base of leadership and knowledge of how a business works can set one apart from the others in a world that has such a competitive economy.

“Paris: The Novel” by Edward Rutherfurd.  This master of the historical novel, Rutherfurd now brings us his latest book that comes out on the 23rd of this month.  His novel follows his usual design of a book that highlights the historical travelings through different places.  It encompases love, war, intrugue and art, all put together in a book that gives readers a vibrant illustration of the many exciting aspects of experiences of this world.

“The Hit” by David Baldacci comes out on the 23rd as well.  In this book, Will Robie is the number one spy and hitman for the U.S. Government.  When they need a job done, he gets a call.  He is good at his job.  However, in this novel, he gets some competition from a new spy that threatens his dominant position.  Her name is Jessica Reel and she is also good at her job.  This conflict unfolds in this exciting novel from the esteemed Baldacci.

“Fly Away” by Kristin Hannah is a new novel that truly examines the meaning of life, and more importantly, if the ambitions of the past can be carried forward into the realities of the present and future.  This book is about the sentimental bonds between a group of close friends who want to save the spiritual feelings of their childhood and translate them into a meaningful life with each other.

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