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Award-winning Hollywood screenwriter Bobby Moresco spoke to a full audience about his most powerful films, “Crash” and “Million Dollar Baby,” last night in the Quick Center.

Moresco began his career as a struggling actor and playwright and didn’t find success until his early forties. Despite his seemingly overnight explosion onto the film scene Moresco managed to stay true to his humble roots and solid upbringing.

“Once you work hard enough to get somewhere you never forget what you went though to get it,” he said.

Family is very important to Moresco, who said the world can lose it’s meaning, if you don’t have family.

Most of the questions posed by students in the audience were centered on the inspiration and meaning behind Moresco’s popular films “Crash” and “Million Dollar Baby.” He said “Million Dollar Baby” tests how far a person will go in order to be a champion.

Moresco said “Crash” documents how “every character is afraid of losing something, and that fear drives them to places they otherwise wouldn’t go.”

According to Moresco, the inspiration behind many of his works came from various jobs he held early in his life as he struggled to make it in the industry. Working as a bar tender and cab driver forced Moresco to interact and understand various types of people.

Students, such as Nadia Sultan’07, said they preferred the question and answer format, because Moresco was open to questions and it allowed for a humorous undertone throughout the event.

“It was an entertaining and interesting speech to attend. I was glad it wasn’t a lecture because it directed the topic more towards what we wanted to hear about,” said Simone Jadczak ’10.

Although some students liked the format, others felt they did not know enough about the movies previous to the lecture.

“Some background information would have been useful for students who had little previous knowledge of what he did,” said Julie Briggs ’07.

Moresco said the concern of many film and writing majors is to make film companies happy however, Moresco advised students to “write what you want to write, not what you’re getting paid for.”

Being a Hollywood producer and writer is certainly challenging, students were curious as to what motivates Moresco to stay in the business.

“It’s the hardest business in the world. The most competitive business on earth but the best business there is,” he said.

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