Fairfield University is in the Northeast. That means it is cold, icy and covered in snow. I can’t stand people who complain about any of those three things because you chose a school in the Northeast. The trick is to embrace the snow instead of fighting it.

Pray for Snow Days: The thing about a college is you don’t have to drive to school which means snow days are not that common, so when they happen they are really awesome. Whether your childhood method was putting a wooden spoon under your bed or pajamas on inside out, it is still completely appropriate in college.

Sledding: While bringing a true sled is allowed there is nothing better then using whatever item you can find or steal as a sled. Trays from the cafeteria, old pizza boxes and tops of plastic boxes are always good ones to start with. Bellarmine Hill is really the place to go sledding on this campus and even though you might get yelled at for sledding there, it is worth the risk of a strict reprimanding. If not, trekking all the way down to the small hill by Pepsico Theater is always an option.

Ski Trip: If you have a car and ski gear you can brave the roads and head to the small mountains in Conn. or Mass. They are usually pretty cheap. My favorite is Butternut in Mass., it’s $20 for a weekday pass for college students and also the reason I don’t have class on Friday.

Also, North Face has a great App for iPhones that shows you which mountains have the freshest snow.

Dress For Success: Tuesday I saw somebody walking in converse sneakers on sheets of ice. That is just stupid. I’m not a fan of converses to begin with but really, in the middle of January when the world is a sheet of ice, does that sound like a brilliant idea? I think not.

Snow also means that February is coming and the iPhone will soon be on Verizon so BlackBerry Girl is secretly excited. I’m pretty sure I saw her Mirror computer history and she has been reading macrumors.com as much as I have, which is pretty sad.

I’m not sure what The Mirror will do when it becomes iPhone vs iPhone, then again we have already changed the name of the column five times, so what is one more name change?

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