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The two men convicted of the killing of Mark Fisher were sentenced to 25 years to life in prison on Oct. 19.

Antonio Russo, 19, and John Giuca, 22, also received concurrent 25-year sentences for robbing Fisher, and Guica received an additional 15-year sentence on a weapons charge.

In the courtroom, Fisher’s sister Alexis, 20, read a five-page statement before both men apologized to the family and were sentenced, according to the New York Times.

Fisher was murdered on Oct. 12, 2003, in Brooklyn after attending a party with friends from Fairfield. He was separated from his friends and ended up returning to Giuca’s house for a party, where it is said he offended Giuca by sitting on a table instead of a chair.

Prosecutors said that Russo later killed Fisher with a gun provided by Guica.

Justice Alan D. Marrus said that “this crime was callous, the defendants’ reactions were callous, and so my sentence will be callous,” according to an article in the New Jersey Herald on Oct. 20.

According to the New York Times, Fisher’s father, Michael, said that two people besides Giuca and Russo had been with Mark the night he was killed, and that justice would not be done until the additional two were arrested and went to trial.

The attorneys of both Russo and Giuca are expected to appeal the convictions.

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