We can call ourselves the 9/11 generation. The memories from that cloudless, temperate day in 2001 must have surged through so many minds on this cloudless, temperate Monday – now known for a challenge to Bostonians’ beloved Patriots Day. The nature of the event echoed the 2007 London bombing.

This is what we must make terror about. We must make it about our pursuit of a daily life built on the society we are proud of – regardless of the threats.

Terror has been the subject of the war our country has waged for most of our lives. We have not stopped chasing down those who wish to bring terror to the floor of the free world.

We must make it through a terrifying world by standing collectively as Americans. One thing that the tragedies in New York, at Sandy Hook, in Boston – and all over the world – have taught us is that terror can come from, affect or be combated by any person from any background. It does not discriminate along ethnic boundaries. Let us, during Islamic Heritage Week at Fairfield, remember that we are all Americans. We are not to assume or blame. This is a time to honor the fallen and commend the brave.

Unfortunately, it does not look like we will ever stop chasing down the next threat. Fortunately, we can handle that. While the Monday bombing surprises and saddens us, we must not forget how many attacks have been prevented under the watch of our dedicated citizens, from the FBI to the street vendors, who reported a suspicious smoking vehicle parked in Times Square in 2010.

Though we have grown up in a world that seems to bombard us with it, terror should still not govern us because we will go about our pursuits. This is what those who have passed would want us to do.

Of course, there isn’t one single perspective that could advise the countless disturbed by what happened and what we’re learning about it. We are the voice of the students, but we are young and are just getting into the wreckage ahead. Everyone will have his or her own mission to right the world. All that could be asked of the world is that we learn and live to the fullest.

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