For a commencement speaker, Fairfield has gone from a virtual unknown alumnus in Doug Perlitz to a very prominent name in the political arena, Strobe Talbott. Talbott is a seasoned veteran of both politics and the language of politics, spending 21 years working for Time magazine along with publishing in newspapers such as The Economist, The Financial Times, and The New York Times.

Talbott is the current head of the Brookings Institute, a prominent indepenent-minded think tank based in Washington, D.C. The Brookings Institute aims to improve how American orgainzations work and publishes extensively with the hope of fostering real and needed political change.

Last year Doug Perlitz warmed the hearts of graduates with his dedication to building a better tommorow for the impoverished of the world-literally. This year we welcome a man who helps create change just as great, yet almost as obscure.

Political change is a slow, laborious process. Talbott has proven himself to be well-versed in the language of politics through his extensive experience in political writing. Today he is toiling at one of many think tanks which gather up the thinkers and visionaries of society, focus their efforts, and publish their works in the hopes of creating a better tommorow.

Fairfield is a diverse institution. At times it may seem the business school has stolen the momentum on campus. However, a speaker like Strobe Talbott shows the dedication the administration has to the College of Arts and Sciences, and to further welcoming a broad and engaging range of speakers to campus.

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