“Fuller House” is set to premiere on Netflix Feb. 26 and I can barely contain my excitement. While a lot of devoted “Full House” fans may fear the revival due to the new producers and, of course, the Olsen twins refusing to come back, I would argue that the up and coming reunion will hold all of the same charm while also adapting to the expectations of modern television.

Like a lot of “Full House” fans, I grew up watching the show and I gained insight into the ups and downs of growing up along with the responsibility it came with. Between the three main daughters on the show, almost every age group and the struggles that come with certain ages were addressed. However, with the ending of “Full House,” the generation of fans continued to age without the charming family. The revival of “Fuller House” will allow the fan base to reconnect and relate to the modern struggles of adulthood. It will be interesting to see how the characters have grown up and deal with the same issues I am dealing with now. Between graduating high school to attending college and possibly starting their own family, D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy will once again bring relatability to the TV.

A lot of “Full House” fans fear the revival of “Fuller House” due to the new producers. While at first I can understand their hesitancy because the original producers were so captivating, I urge those who are worrying to look at the many successful shows that Netflix is currently airing. Some of the most popular shows like “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards” have been written and produced by Netflix. Both of these shows act as a testament to Netflix’s ability to develop entertaining series. While I understand that a new producer creates worries of inconsistency, I believe that it will benefit the updated take that the revival is trying to emphasize. Netflix has been extremely effective in airing shows and the new producers may add a new twist that this classic series needs to have a successful return.

The main reason I will be sure to watch “Fuller House” is because the producers were able to bring back the majority of the cast. While the Olsen twins will be dearly missed for their role as Michelle Tanner, the rest of the cast will be back on camera. From simple catch phrases like “cut it out,” which has already been featured in the teaser, to the familiar gang hanging in the family room, the trailer promises a lot of the same charm. Nearly 90 percent of the reason I watched “Full House” was to see the loving dynamic between all of the family members. While I personally found the plot somewhat cheesy and at times mundane, the delightful quirks of each character kept the show alive and dear to my heart. “Fuller House” will once again bring this dynamic back to the screen and I think that is reason alone to watch the Netflix revival. So would you say I’m excited for “Fuller House”? In the famous words of Michelle Tanner, “You got it, dude!”

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