So, it’s time to dig deep into your wallet and spend extravagant amounts of money on gifts for all your family and friends. After all, it is the season of giving. However, there may be a way around breaking the bank this year. With these great gifts for under $30, you can afford to buy for everyone on your list.

Girlfriends, Roommates ‘ Sisters

Velvet Ribbon outerwear- The Gap: The Gap has always sold matching sets of scarves, hats and gloves, but this year they have stepped up the cuteness factor. Tying into the new ultra-feminine and lady-like elegance that is currently trendy, their velvet ribbon scarves are soft lambs-wool and angora wool and feature a velvet ribbon tied in a bow in a coordinating color at each end of the scarf. The five colors choices include light green, which has a darker green bow, a darker green with a yellow ribbon, admiral red with a pink bow, eggnog yellow with a brown ribbon and a pink scarf with a lighter pink ribbon. The scarf retails for $24.50 and the matching gloves and hat cost $16.50 each.

Happy Hour Earrings – Target: For your fun-loving roommates, these earrings are both fun and trendy. Set in sterling silver, the earrings hang 1 ¼ inch from sterling wires.

You can choose your drink of choice, Martini, Cosmopolitan or Margarita. The martini glass is clear crystal and the olive is a green peridot stone.

The Cosmopolitan is pink crystal with a garnet cherry and the Margarita, in a rounded glass, is green crystal with a sterling lime. Target employed Isaac Mizrahi to design for its clothing, bedding and accessory lines to draw in a younger, hipper audience. The earrings retail for $19.99 a pair.

The Cookbook- Sephora: Chocolate lovers watch out. Now you can smell just as delicious as your favorite treat. Sephora offers a Chocolate Lovers Cookbook for the body and the soul. The gift set includes white hazelnut cake shampoo, chocolate cream coffee conditioner and café au lait body wash. These body products smell absolutely heavenly and come in a brown velvet bag. Each bottle contains 6 oz. of product. The set retails for $30 and is sure to satisfy any guilt-free cravings.

Boyfriends ‘ Brothers

Sopranos Trivia Game – Wherever games are sold: This game is sure to make them part of The Family. Modeled after Trivial Pursuit, the game tests your knowledge of the popular television show. The playing pieces and cards have names like “hits” and “informants.” The game comes in a black tin with a picture of all the main characters on the front and retails for under $20.

The Chappelle Show Season 1 or 2 – wherever DVDs are sold: The complete season 1 of Dave Chappelle’s hit HBO comedy series will be a sure hit with the guys. Season 1 was released earlier this year and features extras like skits that did not make the air and backstage shots for the price of $24.99. Season 2, while not released yet, is scheduled for release before Christmas and should retail for a similar price as Season 1.

SNAP Digital Camera – This small, high-tech camera is the newest and smallest of the mini digital cameras and has recently been featured in several magazines. This aluminum camera comes in either black or bright blue and features a 4-layer glass lens for enhanced pictures, a rechargeable battery and can hold up to 104 pictures at a time. SNAP has a self-timer, can take short 10 second video clips and can act as a web camera for your PC. The camera comes with a PC camera holder, a key/necklace chain, USB cable and software for your computer. SNAP is valued at $29.99.

Moms, Aunts ‘


Christmas Ornament Spa Set – Bath and Body Works: The gift sets from this store are a no-brainer for any guy struggling with those tricky Christmas gifts for girls. There are many pre-made gift sets to choose from or you can choose the products you want: bubble bath, lotion, candles, perfume and more, and the store staff will wrap them in a holiday box with a bow. My favorite gift ideas from this store included a spa set with body cream and scrub, foot cream and paraffin hand lotion. The gift comes in a festive, oversized, metallic Christmas ornament and retails for $29.50. Another universally pleasing gift from this store is the medium round willow basket. The set comes with an 8 oz. body lotion, ten oz shower gel, four oz healing hand cream and 8 oz. body splash in any of the scents that Bath and Body Works carries. The set retails for $29.50.

Jack Frost-Yankee Candle: The snowy delight comes with a Jack Frost wax potpourri burner, a box of twelve TartsWarmers, and three Jack FrostTarts wax potpourri. All the candles and accessories are housed in a red and white basket with a snowflake design at a cost of $29.99

Breathe Tranquil Bubble Bath -Lollia: Slip into a little bit of luxury with this peony and white lily scented bubble bath. The bubble bath comes in a romantic wine bottle with a white satin sash and decorative crystal that looks just as pretty as it smells. This product can be purchased online and at upscale boutiques like Anthropologie and retails for $30.00.

Snowflake Ornaments: These 12 delicately beaded and shiny snowflake ornaments hang on the tree by a white satin ribbon. They come in a silver pouch embroidered with the words, “Let it snow” and are the perfect touch for any tree. The 12 ornaments and pouch cost $24.

Dads, Uncles ‘


Safety Lantern and Tool Kit- This gift is every guy’s new best friend on the road. The multi-purpose portable lantern has a hazard light and tool kit which folds out of the body of the lantern.

The mini-tool set includes a hammer, a Philips and flathead screwdriver, pliers, a hex key set and an adjustable wrench. The lantern runs on four C cell batteries or can be plugged into your car adaptor and retails for $28.

Personalized Golf Balls-most golf websites and pro shops offer this: Offer Dad a surefire way to never lose his golf ball again by having his name or other message inscribed on a dozen high-quality golf balls. Depending on the type of ball you choose, this gift will cost you between 20 and 30 dollars. Now if he could just improve his swing…

Key Finder-Brookstone: Always losing your keys? Well, with this key ring transmitter button and matching key ring, it won’t happen again. Press the button and your key alarm will sound from anywhere in your house up to 80 feet away. The transmitter works through walls, cushions and floors. Batteries are included. The key finder retails for $25.00.

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