To The Editor:

As two members of the 2005-2006 FUSA Senate, we were initially hesitant to actively support either candidate in the current Fairfield University Student Association Election. All four contenders have worked hard at achieving their goals within the Fairfield community and have shown they have the student’s best interests at heart.

After personally witnessing their diligent work within FUSA, Megan [McConville] as Co-Chair of the Student Life Committee and Hutch [Hutchinson Williams] as President of the Class of 2008, it became evident who deserved to be elected the next President and Vice President of FUSA.

Both Hutch and Megan are active within the school community beyond FUSA. Hutch is an enthusiastic supporter of all the school’s athletic teams and Megan is actively involved with student programs such as FYE, a program introducing freshman to Fairfield University. They genuinely care about the future of Fairfield and want to strengthen student relationships not only within the Fairfield community but throughout the area.

Hutch and Megan have the vision to continue leading Fairfield University and FUSA in the proper direction. The two, as their slogan indicates, are dedicated to “Building a Stronger FUSA.”

They are driven individuals who have achieved much in their few years at Fairfield. As a team, we know they can successfully accomplish all the goals they strive to reach.

We encourage our classmates to Vote for H ‘ M, February 28, to ensure continued success within FUSA.


Emily Dragone ’09

Tim Rich ’08

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