By this point, most students (especially our seniors) are well acquainted with the cozy town of Fairfield and all of the wonderful dining options it has to offer. If you’re looking to try something new, though, I suggest taking a quick trip to Phở ​Nha Trang. 

Located on 80 Post Road, it’s only a couple of minutes outside of town. The extra few minutes are well worth it though, as it’s the only place in Fairfield to get authentic Vietnamese food. 

Walking in, you’ll be greeted by a pleasant atmosphere with plenty of charming decorations. After finding a table of your preference, a friendly staff member will hand you a threefold menu that has something for everyone.

If it’s your first time visiting Phở ​Nha Trang, you absolutely have to order a bowl of Phở. If you’re unfamiliar, phở is a Vietnamese soup that consists of broth, rice noodles, herbs and different meats, depending on your order.

Their house special is my go-to order because of the wide variety of flavors offered in a single bowl, but they have plenty of other tasty options including spicy beef and pork, shrimp noodle soup, wonton soup, veggie soup and even a more classic chicken noodle. No matter what you order, though, don’t forget to liven up your broth with some hoisin sauce and even chili oil if you want a little zing to your bite.

Though their soups alone are worth the trip, Phở ​Nha Trang has plenty of other things to offer. For appetizers, I always recommend the veggie fried spring rolls, but the chicken fried and shrimp summer rolls are great options as well. If you’re in the mood, their appetizer selections also include Bánh Xèo, a Vietnamese pancake/crepe made of rice batter.

My favorite part about Phở ​Nha Trang though, aside from their neatly curated options of hot and cold dishes, are the prices. Their highest priced options are their fried dishes, coming in at a whopping $11.99. At that price (and largely lower than that), I think Phở ​Nha Trang’s meals are the best bang for your buck around Fairfield. And, depending on your appetite, you might even have leftovers to bring home too.

Before asking for the check though, make sure to order some bubble tea for the ride home. My go-to pick is honeydew, but they also offer taro, watermelon, mango, strawberry, coconut and Thai tea. At $3.00 for a reasonably sized cup, it follows suit from the rest of the menu in terms of value. If you’re a coffee person, though, you might want to opt for their Cà Phê Sữa Đá, a Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, which can either be served iced or hot. 

Phở ​Nha Trang offers delivery and takeout in addition to dining in. If you choose to sit inside to have a meal (which I highly recommend), they conveniently accept nearly all forms of payment, including credit card, Apple Pay and Android Pay. 

If you’re looking to try something new that’s not too far away from campus, I highly recommend visiting Phở ​Nha Trang. It’s become my go-to place for a quick bite to eat, maybe it’ll be yours as well!


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