October is here, which means that fall is finally upon us. As much as I love hitting the beach in the summer heat, nothing compares to a crisp fall day. Autumn is undoubtedly my favorite season, and each year I look forward to when the leaves start changing colors and the weather gets a little cooler. When I can wear pants and a sweatshirt without being either too hot or too chilly, I am in my prime. 

Above everything else, my favorite part about fall is definitely the food. Pumpkin-flavored everything, apples baked into various desserts and hot drinks to warm you up on a cool day are unbeatable. I definitely don’t take these seasonal foods for granted, as I can be found buying pumpkin spice lattes and apple crisps all throughout the season. 

I am not the only one psyched about fall food! Junior Emma Gantert shares that her favorite fall food is the pumpkin scone from Starbucks, saying “it is so yum!” 

Junior Emily Aschenbrenner can also be found stopping by Starbucks for a fall beverage. She says “The pumpkin-flavored coffees at all the coffee shops is such a favorite! Having the leaves change while drinking a hot pumpkin latte is a favorite fall feeling.” True to her word, Aschenbrenner was drinking a pumpkin spice latte as she shared this with me. As a fellow PSL lover myself, I couldn’t agree more! 

Sophomore Tashfia Ahmed echoes this sentiment, agreeing that a pumpkin spice latte is the perfect autumn beverage. 

Junior Kate Enriquez is a huge apple crisp fan, and shares “my mom often makes it for family parties so it always reminds me of spending time together and enjoying the fall season!” There really is nothing better than a warm apple crisp on a chilly fall day–especially topped off with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream! 

Following along the apple wave, Pia DiGesualdo ‘26 says that her favorite fall-time treat is apple cider donuts because “they’re warm and sweet, perfect for a fall morning!” I completely agree, and just the other day enjoyed an apple cider donut while drinking my morning coffee. No better way to start the day! 

Sophomore Paxton Van Der Walt’s go-to autumn food is “the pumpkin bread from Trader Joe’s. It is so good and I stock up on it whenever I go because I’m scared that they will run out.” Paxton is really coveting that pumpkin bread for fall, and I don’t blame her! If anyone can’t find pumpkin bread in the isles of Trader Joe’s, you might want to hit Paxton up. 

Junior Sam Healey shares that his favorite fall food is “probably apple pie, or any kind of pie, really.” You definitely can’t go wrong with a nice pie during fall time, especially when Thanksgiving rolls around. I, for one, am a fiend for the leftover pies from Thanksgiving dinner, they make such a perfect fall-time dessert (or even breakfast … no judgment here!)

Sophomore Chris Santomero’s ideal fall meal is “pasta and meatballs with Sunday sauce.” I have no clue what this “Sunday sauce” entails, but pasta and meatballs always hits on a crisp fall night. Junior Ella Panasci shares that her most loved meal for autumn is “without a doubt my mom’s chili. We would have it every Sunday while watching football and it just reminds me of fall with my family.” Such a good pick, Ella! My dad’s chili recipe is definitely the fall-time meal I miss the most from home. After gushing over how good chili is, Ella and I are now intensely craving it. Good thing I’m headed home for fall break soon!

No matter if you prefer the sweetness of an apple cider donut or opt for something more filling like pasta and meatballs (and potentially “Sunday sauce”?!) it is undeniable that fall-time foods take the cake for best seasonal cuisine!

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