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Post 154

154 Post Road East, Westport, Conn.

**** out of *****

$$$ out of $$$$

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Sunday

Lunch: Noon to 3 p.m.

Dinner: 5:30 p.m. to midnight, 10 p.m. Sunday

Before 154 Post Road East morphed into a restaurant called Post 154, it was Westport’s historical post office. Now newly renovated, the atmosphere of Post 154 is one of the classiest in town. In the evenings there is a valet service that is particularly convenient and adds to the upscale ambiance. There is a large dining area as well as a luxurious bar area. The U-shaped bar has marble countertops, a chrome draft system and a massive vintage mirror that opens up the space. It is easily one of my favorite places to get a cocktail and unwind; I highly recommend taking a date here for a drink. The restaurant also has interesting appetizers to accommodate its unique drink menu. I have not had many of the entrées because I generally go for drinks but here is what I can recommend:

Small Plates:

Crab Tater Tots: Bite-sized balls of crab meat served with tangy lemon verbena ketchup. These are light and crispy andfood have a texture identical to potato tater tots. The sweet lemony ketchup complements the crab perfectly.

Plantain “Tostones”: Crispy fried plantains with an Aioli Criollo and sea salt. This small plate is a classic Latin concept and definitely worth ordering. They are crispy but still have the aftertaste of a plantain.

The Cheezy Mac: Baked macaroni with a creamy cheese sauce and breadcrumbs on top. This dish is a great interpretation on a classic and satisfies the craving for homemade mac and cheese.

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