As one may have seen, the idea of the “Boo Basket” has been circulating around TikTok and other social media platforms since the beginning of October. Boo Baskets are the perfect way to celebrate Halloween with those you care about. They are not just exclusive to relationships: you can give one to your friends too! Here are some ideas for what to stuff yours with …

First things first, you need a basket. An aesthetic wicker one or a cute plastic Halloween one is perfect for putting your items in. Orange crinkle-cut paper would make an excellent filler for the bottom of the basket.

Next, throw in a cozy item to elevate the spirit of a comfortable, warm fall. A blanket, slippers, cozy socks, Halloween pajamas, sweatpants or a Halloween sweatshirt is a great addition to the basket. What’s better than snuggling up under a blanket in Halloween pajamas?

Then, a fall activity such as Legos, a puzzle or a movie are some ideas for something fun you can do together. Some great LEGO options are the Halloween Cat and Mouse set and the Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage set. Pop in a classic Halloween DVD like “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “The Addams Family” or “Casper” for some spooky nighttime vibes.

For your girly friend, nail polish, claw clips, skincare items, jewelry or a candle is an awesome way to personalize the basket and add some flare! Bonus points if you add a stainless steel cup. Other possible items to include in the basket would be a bouquet of flowers or cute fall room decor. Small fabric pumpkins and Halloween window stickers would be perfect to put in a dorm room.

Finally, fill in the empty spaces with your friend’s favorite snacks, drinks and of course, candy. After all, it is Halloween!

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