The Christmas season is officially upon us! This means it is time to pull out the Christmas decorations, pick out the tree, string up the lights and put on your favorite Christmas song. 

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration; however, there is one overwhelming responsibility that comes with the Christmas season: Christmas shopping. With the holiday only a few short weeks away, we must start shopping for our loved ones now!

For many, shopping can be a source of stress. You may be asking yourself a series of questions: What should I get for them? What would they like? Where should I do my shopping? This last question in particular can be a difficult one to answer, especially as a Fairfield student. With limited access to shopping malls and big department stores around campus, it can be difficult to brainstorm a list of places to complete your shopping. 

Luckily, there are plenty of local businesses in Fairfield where you may just score the perfect gift for a loved one! Here are just a few Fairfield holiday shopping options for you. 

If you are in the market for clothing, you have to check out some of the local boutiques and shops in the town center. The weather is changing as we head into winter, so why not get your loved one something warm, yet fashionable to start the season? 

There are so many great places to shop for clothing that it is hard to select just a few to talk about. The first, which is one of my personal favorites, is Apricot Lane Boutique. This is the perfect place to check out what is trending in women’s fashion. At Apricot Lane you will find casual clothing, formal dresses and a variety of accessories. And from speaking with various Fairfield University students, I have learned that this boutique is a crowd favorite, so why not grab some of your friends and head over there for a fun day of Christmas shopping?

There are plenty of other boutiques scattered around the town of Fairfield that are worth your time if you are set on gifting your friends and family with clothing. As you embark on your Christmas shopping spree, make sure to check out Capri Clothing, One 5 Boutique and Ciao Bella Fairfield, just to name a few. 

While clothing can make a great Christmas present, it is not your only option. 

 Are you looking for something sweet to give to your loved ones? Then you have to head to Saugatuck Sweets in downtown Fairfield. There, you will find various delicious desserts: ice creams, cakes and candies. The temptation to buy something sweet is almost unbearable when you walk through the door and enter the store. So why not give in to this temptation as you do your Christmas shopping? I can honestly think of no better way to celebrate the holidays than with the gift of a sweet treat!

Another great way to get your Christmas shopping done, all while supporting local businesses, is to get your friends and family a gift card to a local restaurant. There are so many great restaurants to choose from in Fairfield including Colony Grill, Brick Wall Tavern, Quattro Pazzi and many more. Give your loved ones the gift of great food and a fun experience rather than a physical gift. Sometimes it is the promise of a fun time that goes farther than a material present. Just think of all the fine times you can have with your friends and family at local Fairfield restaurants. You can never go wrong with a gift card!

Finally, don’t forget to head downtown to the Fairfield University Bookstore to complete your Christmas shopping. What better way to spread school pride and Christmas cheer than to present your loved ones with some stag spirit? Shop from a variety of Fairfield apparel ranging from hoodies and blankets to sweatpants and winter hats. 

However, it is not just clothing that you will find. You can also shop for Fairfield mugs, stickers, glasses, notebooks, pens and more! You are guaranteed to find something that your friends and family will love. And better yet, they will represent Fairfield University with their new gift!

Not feeling the Fairfield apparel? No need to worry! At the downtown bookstore, you will find a variety of books, records, greeting cards, candy and more. Get your friends or family members new books to read this holiday season. Purchase a record for your loved one to cozy up and listen to as the weather gets colder. Pick out a greeting card to show your loved ones how much you care. There is no shortage of gift options at the downtown Fairfield University bookstore!

Christmas shopping does not have to be stressful as a Fairfield student. Grab some friends and support some local businesses as you complete your holiday shopping this year!


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