Grey skies, bare trees and rainy days won’t be around for long, and with them will disappear our dark, heavy winter sweaters that have overstayed their welcome. So when the sun comes out and the flowers begin to bloom around campus, we will understandably want to dress in a way that reflects the energy that spring ushers in — and where better to look for inspiration than nature.

A major trend for spring 2017, florals aren’t just what we’ll soon be seeing when the dogwood trees bloom in the Quad. In fact, they’ve been all over the runway since 2016, according to Vogue, making appearances in men’s and women’s clothing from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Tory Burch and Gucci. But the floral trend isn’t just produced by high-fashion designers and runway models; pieces in the spring-inspired print can be found across all brands, styles and budgets.

Take Forever 21, for example. Their men’s department boasts tons of floral print tops for guys, ranging from a T-shirt in a tropical print for only $12.90 to a vintage-inspired collared shirt with a wide, flared Cuban-style collar done in a subtle floral and vibrant colors for $48. But if solid tops are more your speed, florals can also be injected through completer pieces, like jackets or shoes. A $99 floral bomber jacket from Nordstrom combines the print with the trendy bomber-style silhouette and features a pale floral on a black background for a dynamic look. To incorporate the trend in a more subtle way, try floral sneakers; Vans sells a range of sneaker styles that never top $65, all featuring various floral prints designed to fit anyone’s style.

Women’s clothing offers a bit more diversity in terms of apparel items, thus presenting more opportunities to test out the trend. To start in a subtle way, try a hair accessory like a $12 floral headband from Topshop; the twist-front design, subdued print, and soft colors make for an accessory that can be worn well beyond spring. But if you want something that will carry you from the many end-of-the-year parties and beach days into summer vacation, the convertible romper from Lulu’s will provide all the versatility and style you need this season. Available in three floral prints, the straps of the romper can be manipulated into virtually any neckline and back silhouette combination you wish, delivering several separate looks all for the price of $48.
With all these choices and more awaiting your spring wardrobe, your look will be coming up roses in no time.

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