Autumn is not only the model season for beautiful foliage and social holidays but also for its well-known delicious treats! As someone with an overflowing love for baking, I know all the wonderful treats to pair with a nice, crimson fall day. Therefore, here are my personal favorite delectables that will be undoubtedly loved by all who try them!

Pumpkin Bread – My absolute favorite fall goodie is pumpkin bread, especially my mom’s mouth-watering loaf she perfects every year (except the time she forgot the baking soda). This moist, spiced bread seems to cure you of any anxieties that may be lingering, as it wraps you in a warm embrace with each bite. It truly is my comfort food, which you can probably tell if you ever get the unlucky pleasure of watching me devour it!

Apple Turnovers – Waking up to a warm, gooey bite of an apple turnover might have enough power to ascend one to heaven. While I’m sure a homemade pastry from scratch is even tastier than a frozen, do-it-yourself package, Pepperidge Farm turnovers are still an easy and cheap alternative if you don’t have the time to bake a fresh one; and trust me, they are just as good!

Carrot Cake – I am most definitely an old soul at heart, which means I am obsessed with carrot cake, and I’m not ashamed to announce it is superior to any other flavor! There is just something so soothing about this thick, spiced cake that makes the flavor stand out. And of course, the heavy cream cheese frosting pairs so well with it as well, making it truly unbeatable! 

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies – Regular whoopie pies are an obvious tasty dessert on any day, but a pumpkin flavored pie? Sign me up. A pumpkin whoopie is just as light as it is fluffy, making it easy to digest and enjoy on a nice, chilly autumn afternoon. I certainly wouldn’t recommend eating more than two at one sitting, though it may be hard to refrain yourself.

Cinnamon Rolls – A warm, doughy, icing-covered roll is just what any person needs on a fall day. Though it is scarily sugar filled, the following stomach ache is worth every bite. Well, at least for me.

Maple Syrup Fudge – I feel like anything maple is a perfect fall flavor, though of course, not as popular as pumpkin. Nevertheless, a chewy hunk of maple fudge is just the right taste you need when watching a spooky movie, drinking coffee or admiring the deep red leaves from your porch.

Apple Crisp – What kind of fall treats list would this be if I didn’t include apple crisp? This bowl of goodness is super nostalgic for me, bringing back childhood memories of fall fairs and homemade baking sessions. But overall, the two drastic temperatures, the warm apple batter and the cold vanilla ice cream, come together to create a delicious duo.

Pecan Pie – While apple and pumpkin pies are usually Thanksgiving dessert staples, pecan pie is often forgotten as the final addition. To me, this is crazy, since pecan pie is the ultimate slice of fall. Its rich, sweet tang may be overwhelming, but it is unquestionably something you can not forget. There is nothing wrong with too much pie, so make sure to bake this next holiday feast! 

Fall is not only a season to admire earth’s beauty and spread thankfulness to those that surround us, but also to indulge in some freshly baked goodies. So, whatever you choose to bake this autumn, be sure to pair it with a tall glass of apple cider and a bright smile!


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