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Evanescence’s newest, self-titled album was released after the bands’ five-year hiatus from their 2006 album “The Open Door.”

After listening to their album, all I could do was let out a lingering sigh of “wow.”

Although Evanescence can commonly be stereotyped as a band with screaming lyrics that are “emo” and depressing, the power of the band’s sound combined with Amy Lee’s haunting voice evoke pure excellence.

All 16 tracks have their own unique passion and message, blaring emotion through vigorous drum fills, and electric violin and guitar.

Themes of the songs include heartbreak, confusion, sorrow, regrets of past loves and discover of the self-empowerment that resides in all of us.

The single “What You Want” is an upbeat anthem encouraging people to make the changes necessary to improve their lives and fulfill their ultimate dreams.

“Lost in Paradise,” the second most popular track on the album, poetically describes the hopelessness and fear that can accompany love. The harmony of electric guitars and violins pour out the achingly beautiful words; the song begins and ends smoothly, as its middle is filled with audible sensations of drama and longing.

Rock ballads: “My Heart is Broken” and “End of the Dream” echo desire and emotion that cannot be duplicated by any other artist’s voice.

When Amy sings, her words flow so effortlessly and naturally with the music — she puts her entire heart into it. As soon as you hear the first word, you know it is Amy; she has a voice like no other woman on this planet.

If perfection could be most accurately defined, it would be through Evanescence’s new album, with a concentration on Amy’s vocals.

Compared to Evanescence’s earlier albums, their latest one definitely shows growth and evolution as a band. While well-known hits such as “Bring Me to Life,” “My Immortal,” and “Going Under” are unarguably amazing songs, the new album takes that similar sound and energy loved by Evanescence fans and multiplies it by one thousand.

If you’re looking for an alternative rock sound from an extremely versatile band, check out this new, must-hear album “Evanescence.” It will “bring you to life.”


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