Name: Anne Marie Dennen

Class: Freshman

Major: Business Undecided

How did you put your outfit together this morning?

I picked something that was comfortable and easy to wear and warm.


Where did you get the pieces that you’re wearing?

I actually got this shirt at a consignment store, and then the jacket came from Macy’s, and I don’t remember where my shoes came from.


How would you describe your personal style?

Well, I’m on the crew team, so I always wear something that’s comfortable, usually muted colors. I always wear black, brown and then one thing that’s a color, like I’m wearing purple now. Always comfortable — that’s the number one thing.



Freshman Anne Marie Dennen favors ankle boots as her footwear of choice

Do you have a favorite color that you like to wear all the time? Why?

Purple. Purple or red. Ever since I was little, my mom always liked to say, “Red is a power color.” She went to Fairfield and so did my sister, so everything [is] Fairfield at our house, so red’s always been in my life.


Do you have a favorite piece in your wardrobe that you wear all the time?

I really like this coat, and I always wear black leggings, which is such a stereotypical girl thing. And I have a lot of ankle boots.


Is there a trend that you would like to try? If so, what?

I would like to start wearing more dresses because I have a lot, but I never wear them. So I’d like to work those into my weekly outfits.


Is there a celebrity whose style you admire? If so, who and why?

Vanessa Hudgens. There are a lot of tweets about her — I like her style because she’s always wearing something that looks really comfortable. She likes those printed pants and that Bohemian style.


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