Feb. 14th is a much-anticipated holiday for many, with CVS shelves adorned with heart-shaped pillows, pink everywhere, sweet treats, chocolate and gifts weeks in advance. Valentine’s Day, a time to cherish love and express affection for significant others, is eagerly awaited by most. However, while this is a reality for some, others find themselves single, opting to celebrate Galentine’s Day instead.

For those who may feel lonely on Valentine’s Day, it’s time to shift perspectives and focus on the various enjoyable activities you can share with your girlfriends, both on and off campus. Here are 10 delightful ways to celebrate the occasion.

Coffee Date

Do you adore coffee? Rally the girls and head out for a fabulous coffee date at the cutest café in town. I’m obsessed with Chef’s Table; their coffee is delicious, which I love to pair with their mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches! Or, if you’re feeling cozy, why not host a gathering at your place? Have everyone bring their adorable mugs and snuggle up for a heart-to-heart gossip session.

 Movie Night

Just like me, I’m sure many girls are huge rom-com fans. Hosting a movie night on Valentine’s Day is almost always a guaranteed hit! Throw some buttery popcorn in the microwave, order some delicious food, indulge in ice cream, and then dive into a rom-com that will make you laugh, cry, and feel everything in between. Here are some recommendations: “Love, Rosie”, “Crazy Rich Asians”, “Valentine’s Day”, “Someone Great”, and “Falling Inn Love”. If you’re looking for more options, there’s a whole list from Oprah’s article.

Cooking and baking

Besides indulging in popcorn and movie nights with your besties, why not get your inner chef on and whip up some tasty treats? Picture baking mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies or gooey brownies, or getting creative with a delicious pasta dish. Check out this article listing 26 Galentine’s Day Recipes to shower your girls with love. And while you’re at it, crank up those tunes that make you want to sing, giggle, and dance like there’s no tomorrow.


​​If staying in isn’t your vibe and you’re itching to go out, why not dress up in a cute outfit (pink is a must!), rock your favorite makeup look, and hit the town for dinner with your besties? There’s something so special about sharing laughter and good conversation over a meal with your closest friends. I love going to Flipside and treating myself to comforting food like a delicious burger. It’s the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with your squad!


Pottery is a super fun activity to indulge in with your besties! Make the day nostalgic with a pottery painting session at Hands On Pottery in town. It’s a relaxing pastime and the perfect opportunity to let your creative juices flow. 


In college, many girls frequently have time to pamper themselves if they are so busy with assignments and whatnot. Take this opportunity to treat yourself to a stunning blowout, and what better way to relax than to get your hair down and do it with your friends?  Here are some places you can go: ASH Hair Salon and Blow Dry BarAlchemy Salon, and H Salon.


If you’re already out and seeking more self-care, why not treat yourself to a mani-pedi at the nail salon? A good manicure and a relaxing pedicure can work wonders. One of my favorite spots in town is Grand Design Nail Salon. They consistently deliver excellent service, do a fantastic job, and offer reasonable prices.

Target Run

We’ve all experienced the unexpected fun of a Target run. We’ll browse but spend over 100 bucks! It’s silly but always enjoyable. So, why not gather the girls, throw on some comfy outfits, and head to the Trumbull Target for a good time? Even if you have nothing specific to buy, just being with your friends and embarking on an adventure is so much fun. It’s sure to make you laugh and feel good.


Going shopping with your best friends is a one-of-a-kind experience. I adore visiting the mall (or Soho if you visit NYC) with my friends. Picture this: a day of laughter, gossip, and trying on fabulous outfits together. You stroll through the stores and swoon over the newest fashion trends. Sephora is a must; test out all the latest makeup trends on TikTok and Instagram. And when your feet start to ache from all the exploring, recharge with some delicious snacks from the food court and just talk. Trust me, darlings, a mall day with the girls is the ultimate recipe for fun, friendship, and fabulous memories!

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