It’s difficult to find a fictional show on television where there is not some facet of romance.

Even in a show like “The Walking Dead,” you have Glenn and Maggie, one of the few romantic couples left in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. In the first series of “American Horror Story,” among all the evil and death, there was still a romance between Tate and Violet.

However, what I’m interested in most are the shows that are fueled by that romantic connection between characters. Not many shows fit that bill as well as the CW’s “Hart of Dixie.”

If you remove the romantic elements of this show, there is honestly not much left. This is exactly why I love this show.

The main character is Zoe Hart, played by Rachel Bilson, who is a doctor in New York that has come to Bluebell, Alabama to take over her deceased father’s practice.

In a town as small as Bluebell where everyone knows each other’s business, there are plenty of intertwined love interests.

When Zoe got to town, George Tucker was engaged to Lemon Breeland. We found out later that Lemon was having an affair with the town mayor Lavon Hayes the whole time. George left Lemon at the altar because he thought that he might love Zoe. However, by the time he got to Zoe’s house, she was already hooking up with town bad boy Wade Kinsella.

And that was just the first season.

Two seasons later, it hasn’t gotten any easier on the residents of Bluebell. But as this season has progressed, everyone has started to find their way back to their “right” significant others, probably one of the most gratifying experiences for viewers.

Zoe has finally dumped her season-long boyfriend Joel and it looks like Wade is about to split from season-long girlfriend (and Zoe’s cousin) Vivian. I, and all of the viewers of “Hart of Dixie,” are going to wait with bated breath for these two to finally get back together.

Everyone gets emotionally invested in their favorite television shows. For viewers of “Hart of Dixie,” they have no choice but to invest themselves in the emotional entanglements of the residents of Bluebell.

No couple fits better together than Zoe and Wade. Wade needs Zoe to make him a better man, and Zoe needs Wade to make a more free and fun-loving woman.

One of the joys of television is getting lost in a world and a life that is different from your own; it’s an escape. I know that, personally, I love getting lost in the town of Bluebell and it’s all because of the idea of having a romance like Zoe and Wade’s.

They remind everyone that if you’re meant to be with someone, even during times apart, you will find your way back to each other.

Or, in realistic terms, keep working at something and eventually you’ll get what you want.


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