Senior Maeve Nowak is making her mark this year as one of the Editor-in-Chief’s at the Inkwell, Fairfield University’s student-run creative writing magazine. The Public Relations major has always loved to write creatively in her spare time.


“I love to write everything,” said Nowak. “Poems, short stories, scripts–oh, you name it.”


Nowak credits one of her favorite writers to be Roald Dahl. As a child, his novels would inspire her to be a writer herself.


“The BFG is the book that got me to love reading,” said Nowak. “I read it the summer after fourth grade. After that I read all of his books and fell in love.”


Music is something that can get every writer inspired, especially Nowak. There are too many songs to list in regards to what gets her motivated to write. However, these are just five of the songs that will always get her writing no matter what.


“Glorious” – Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey 


“This is my go to pump up song. Anytime I need hype or just need to write a happy scene, this is the song that always gets me motivated.”


“Get Along” – Kenny Chesney


“We all have a country classic we just love. Mine is Kenny Chesney’s ‘Get Along.’ I basically know all the words to this song and always have to sing it in a southern accent.”


“Flaws” – Bastille 


“This is a good angsty throwback. This is a good listen for when you have to write those really emotional scenes in a piece.”




“I usually play this song when I’m missing my family. However, it’s great to listen to when I’m writing intense scenes between family members themselves.”


“Never Stop” – Safety Suit 


“This is a good love song. I love playing this song when I need inspiration when I’m trying to capture the perfect chemistry between two of my characters.”

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