It is not you who has wounded me.


You are not the trigger of the earthquakes that erupt from my body.


You are not the cause of my pupils dilating with horror.


You are not responsible for the panicky, flinching of my lips in the midst of a kiss.


It is not you. For you aren’t who to blame.


It is He who has wounded me.


It is He who causes my body to unpleasantly tremble, my lips to uncontrollably quiver and my eyes to widen as if it’s day, but sadly it’s night.


He has such power, but he lies in the past whereas the consequences of the actions he has done, lay right here with me.

The consequences they lay in this very bed, beside me.


Closer than my pillows they lay beside me. Closer than the cotton pajamas on my skin, they lay with me.

They lay with me closer than the thoughts within my mind.


He has such power but He lies in the past, whereas the consequences of his past actions …they lay here presently.

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