Clam Jam is coming up, and being that it is a huge social event at Fairfield University, students are always wondering what they should wear and where they should look. There are so many great websites that have affordable and stylish outfits perfect for the event — and there is no one way to dress for Clam Jam. As long as you wear something beachy and fun, you will fit right in. After all, Clam Jam is pretty much a huge celebration for classes ending in just 72 hours!

Tobi is a huge go-to online shopping site, since they always have the hottest deals going on and, right now, is having a 60 percent off “Spring Cleaning” sale. Tobi is an international online retail destination that operates in 100 countries worldwide. The Tobi website flaunts the brand’s “west coast style and laid back attitude” that they try to convey in their clothes, and I definitely agree that these styles are great for summer. An example of a style perfect for Clam Jam is the Rachel Light Blue Off Shoulder Romper, which is currently on sale for $34.

American Eagle is another go-to store for both guys and girls looking for Clam Jam wear. For women, they offer a wide range of jumpsuits, rompers and denim, ranging from totally casual to dressy. One example of a great item for women is the AE Cold Shoulder Ruffle Halter Jumpsuit, which is so adorable I may just have to order it for myself. For guys, AE has so many awesome pairs of pants and shorts as well as one of the biggest shirt selections I have seen. My personal favorite look for guys at Clam Jam is a button up shirt, like the AE Beach Button Down Shirt, and a nice pair of flat front khaki shorts, just like the AE NE(X)T LEVEL SLIM FIT 9″ KHAKI SHORT.

If you’re looking for great style and cost effectiveness, Missguided is the place to go. This website offers a 30 percent off student discount and usually has an additional sale going on. While Missguided has everything you can ask for, my favorite thing about the website is their denim. Whether it be denim skirts, overalls, jackets or shorts, it is all both chic and affordable. While there are so many items to choose from, the standout to me is the Fuchsia A Line Button Through Denim Mini Skirt, which is fun, colorful and makes me immediately think of summer!

Boohoo is a hit or miss brand for me, because sometimes finding something great can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The styles on Boohoo can be kind of wild and eccentric, and things most people would not typically wear. However, the clothes are extremely affordable, with some of the lowest prices I have ever encountered and the clothes are not made cheap. So, when you do find items, they are great price meaning that Boohoo is definitely worth a browse. An example of one of these good finds is the Petite Ellie Short Sleeve Off The Shoulder Playsuit, which is going for only $12.

Finally, you can always head to the mall and look in stores like Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 or other common mall stores. I am a huge fan of the convenience of online shopping and run out of steam at the mall very quickly, but if that works for you, all of those stores will likely have plenty of options!


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