One thing is certain about Fairfield University: in comparison to a lot of other colleges and universities, the dining options we have on campus are virtually unmatched! Though everyone has witnessed the wonders of the Tully Dining Commons, from the omelet station in the mornings to Tex Mex station in the afternoons and evenings, few people have fully experienced the true gem of on-campus cuisine, that being The Levee. While it may not appear like much from the outside, The Levee is an experience unlike any other on campus, with a very homey and comfortable atmosphere made possible with all the seating options and televisions strewn throughout. Though you may not have unlimited access to a variety of dishes like you would in the Tully, the Levee provides a space meant for unwinding and relaxing, a place where you can spend time catching up with friends as opposed to rushing through dinner as quickly as possible. 

As sophomore Alexa Romboli stated, “the Levee is great mainly because of how intimate it is compared to the Tully. It’s a great place to break the weekly cycle that everyone falls into and to just spend some time with the people you love!” 

The Levee truly does serve as just that: the perfect place for memories to be made!

However, the Levee does not always serve as the calm, quiet spot that it becomes on weekdays. Open until 11:00 p.m. on weekdays and as late as 12:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, the Levee is the ideal spot after a long night to grab a bite with friends and recount some of the memories of the day. It has made itself an intrinsic part of campus life, especially for upperclassmen, as it is tucked away right off of Loyola Drive and before the first block of townhouses.

Apart from the environment within the doors of the Levee, the food is arguably even better than the options that the Tully provides. All for a meal swipe, you can receive a main meal, side salad or bag of chips, drink and ice cream for dessert – what a steal! Despite the lack of buffet-style stations like there are throughout the Tully, there are still a multitude of options at the Levee, many of which you can not find anywhere else on campus. 

The chicken parmesan sub and mozzarella sticks are just two of the many amazing options available. Aside from all of the hot dishes that the Levee has, they also have plenty of frozen and refrigerated meals that can be purchased for an on-the-go meal. They also carry a selection of snack foods and other smaller grocery items, just in case you can’t make it to the Stag Spirit Shop and are in desperate need of something basic!

Though the variety of food options on campus can at times be overwhelming, the Levee is one not to be missed. From the food itself to the general atmosphere of the space, one thing is for sure: all Stags need to give it a shot!

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