1. River by Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran

The new song released on Jan. 7 by Eminem is taking storm with the an undeniable hook created by Ed Sheeran. The music video is done in a found footage style and is an impressive seven minutes long.


  1. Growing Pains by COIN

“Growing Pains” by indie rock band COIN is the perfect song to pop into your headphones while folding your laundry on a Sunday morning. Your roommate will need no explanation as to why you’re dancing around your room folding your old pair of blue jeans.


  1. It’s a Trip! by Joywave

What seems like a normal music video with all the band members riding on the back of jet skis with pretty girls, ends with them all quickly aging and eventually decaying. A fun song paired with a surprisingly morbid theme. Another pleasant surprise from Joywave.


  1. After the Storm by Kali Uchis ft. Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins

Kali Uchis will make you forget it’s winter with her new track “After the Storm.” The music video looks like something straight out of Edward Scissorhands or some sort of 70s looking melodrama.


  1. Bodak Yellow by Cardi B.

The only thing that’s becoming more popular than Cardi’s music is Cardi herself. From awkward interviews with Jimmy Fallon to the strange yet lovable noises she makes, we just can’t get enough of Cardi B. At the 2018 Grammy’s “Bodak Yellow” was nominated for both ‘best rap song’ and ‘best rap performance.’


  1. Bite My Tongue by You Me at Six ft. Oli Sykes

“Bite My Tongue” is a great throwback if you’re looking to throw some angst into your monthly mix. You Me at Six will help you channel all that frustration you have at your ex-girlfriend, your intolerable professor, or maybe even just your messy roommate.


  1. Wolves at the Door by Bad Seed Rising

Bad Seed Rising has come to an end with the year of 2017. However, why not honor them with one of their great tracks, “Wolves at the Door?” The song was released on their first EP in 2012 with the help of Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters.


  1. Bad at Love by Halsey

“Bad at Love” is the second single off of Halsey’s second album “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.” Halsey supposedly told the press she wanted the song to “sound like Leonardo DiCaprio in a Hawaiian T-shirt in a drop top yellow convertible car – driving down the highway like in Miami Vice with all his friends.”  Try to listen to this song on the radio without that image popping up in your head now.


  1. Jenny by Walk the Moon

“Jenny” is a great track to describe the vibe of Walk the Moon. With a pulsing rhythm, “Jenny” manages to get a crowd up on their feet. The song was released off the band’s self-titled album in 2010.


  1. Dirt by Astroid Boys

Astroid Boys’ distinct style is a mixture of hard rock and grime. The song is a perfect anthem to run and workout to. The Astroid Boys were recently part of the BBC Radio 4’s documentary “Generation Grime.

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