New to Netflix on Feb. 9, “When We First Met” is a fun, romantic comedy about relationships and ending up with the right person. The film stars Adam DeVine as Noah, Alexandra Daddario as Avery, Robbie Amell as Ethan and Shelley Hennig as Carrie.

The opening scene of the film takes place at the engagement party of Avery and Ethan. Noah drinks to excess and gets sick over the fact that he is so in love with Avery, and has been keeping this a secret for the past three years. Noah feels that he never had a fair chance to express or act on his feelings toward Avery. The audience is taken back to the night they first met.

Avery and Noah met at a Halloween party in college – she was dressed as Dottie Hinson from “A League of Their Own” and he was dressed as Garth Algar from “Wayne’s World.” They bonded over their costumes, and over the fact that they both barely knew anyone at the party except Carrie, Avery’s roommate and best friend. Noah and Avery decided to leave the party together and found themselves at the bar where Noah works playing piano. The rest of their night was filled with music, laughs, food and classic photo booth pictures.

After witnessing a flashback to the night Avery and Noah first met, the scene cuts back to Noah drunk at the engagement party. He finds himself at the same bar in the same photo booth he once sat with Avery, and is transported back in time to the day he had met Avery three years ago. Noah is given the chance, or chances, that he has been longing for all this time.

While it may seem like the movie has an obvious or predictable ending, there’s actually a huge, unexpected plot twist. Without giving too much away, the movie does have a satisfying ending where everything comes full circle.

As for the performance of the actors and actresses, I felt that they’re all very talented and played their given roles very well. It’s a cute story – it’s not like it would be nominated for an Academy Award, but they did pull it off well. Adam DeVine is always fun to watch on-screen – he is known for his roles in “Workaholics,” “Pitch Perfect” one and two, “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates,” and more. Alexandra Daddario is rising to fame as well after her breakthrough role in “Baywatch” and Robbie Amell can be easily recognized from having starred in “The DUFF.” The cinematography was great for a Netflix original movie; I was surprised and impressed with the costume design, scenery and overall quality of the camerawork.

This movie is great if you need a laugh. It’s the perfect film for a snow day, a girl’s night or even in between a show you’ve been binge watching and need a break from. 10/10 would recommend.

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