Foster the People – “Supermodel”

After the breakthrough success of their 2010 single, “Pumped Up Kicks,” the Los Angeles-based band was put on the map as a frontrunner in pop music. They have returned with their sophomore album “Supermodel,” which lives up to this standard. “Supermodel” is an introspective album, but the songs are infectiously catchy. The overall sound is dance-oriented, somewhere between pop rock and funky psychedelia.

La Dispute – “Rooms of the House”

This album, arguably their most mature, has a production quality not yet seen with La Dispute. The songs are better crafted and more melodic. However, what is most notable about this album are the lyrics. Dense and poetic, like the majority of La Dispute songs, the lyrical narrative and emotional delivery by frontman Jordan Dreyer really make “Rooms of the House” a post-punk success.

Ages and Ages – “Divisionary”

This album from the seven-piece, Portland-based band focuses on building choir-like, layered vocals over organic instrumentation. The result is a vibrant wave of rustic roots mixed with modern pop. Acoustic guitars, shakers and energetic rhythms fill “Divisionary” with bright optimism and spirited folk sounds.

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