Band of Horses – “Acoustic at the Ryman”

On Feb. 11, Band of Horses is releasing a completely stripped acoustic 10-song set played at the famous Nashville venue. The album features the band’s most memorable hits accompanied only by acoustic guitar and piano. As always, the vocal harmonies are spectacular, and the live energy just adds a level of expressive electricity.

Thumpers – “Galore”

The London-based alt-pop duo delivers with their spirited debut. It overflows with only the catchiest of hooks, rhythmic drums and swarming synths. Colorful and buoyant, it can really only be described as feel-good music.

Haim – “Days Are Gone”

The three Haim sisters have been experiencing a lot of hype since the release of their first full-length album, and with good reason. They succeed at encapsulating a cool vibe that is often reminiscent of the ’80s, while keeping their own unique and current sound. The album showcases the sisters’ skills instrumentally as well as vocally, and establishes their standing as pop-rock goddesses.


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