Congratulations, Stags! We have reached the halfway point of the Fall Semester! This milestone is marked with excitement, as Thanksgiving break is mere weeks away. The thought of this holiday may conjure the visual of a lavish feast, complete with picture-perfect poultry and platters stacked high with all of your seasonal favorites. Personally, my mental image is reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting: capturing an essence of leisure worthy of the cover of the “Saturday Evening Post.”

At the height of midterm exams, such leisure may seem to be a distant memory. Our plates are not piled with mashed potatoes and stuffing. Instead, we have been served a generous helping of impending deadlines, seasoned with studying and sprinkled with stress. Calm consumption has been replaced by chaotic cravings. However, this period of crunch time must not take precedence over lunch time. 

In the battle between hunger and homework, I advise my readers to consider John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich. According to, Montagu earned legendary status as the creator of the very first sandwich. An avid gambler, the Earl refused to halt his lengthy games and requested a meal he could consume with his hands. Montagu’s appetite was appeased by the skillful combination of two household staples. A hunk of beef was placed between two slices of toasted bread and a global phenomenon was born.  

The Earl of Sandwich’s legacy as a culinary innovator and expert multitasker is celebrated annually on Nov. 3. “World Sandwich Day” comes at the ideal time, satisfying the desire for a convenient meal during the peak of academic rigor. If you swap poker chips for flashcards, Montagu’s 18th Century conundrum is all too relatable. Sandwiches come in handy (quite literally) for students looking for nourishment that can be enjoyed during a study session, without the need to hit pause entirely. 

Fortunately, Fairfield University Dining Services provide a range of sandwich options across campus. In the Daniel and Grace Tully Dining Commons, the Sandwich Lab allows students to customize their sandwiches with a myriad of  ingredients, including ham, salami, turkey and breaded chicken breast. Additionally, the lab presents a number of curated sandwiches. A recent feature is the Hummus Vegetable Wrap. The wrap encompasses hummus, garlic feta spread, spinach, cucumber, tomato and onion enveloped in a whole grain tortilla; a viable option for vegetarians. 

The Stag Snack Bar is home to The Art of Bread Sandwiches, which expands opportunities for customization. The menu highlights six staples: Italian, Turkey Club, Buffalo Chicken, Tuna, Vedge and Chicken Caesar. The diversity within these options is key, enabling students to indulge based on their unique palates. Each sandwich is made to order, and students can adjust the recipes to match their specifications. For those hankering for comfort food, the Levee is the answer. Their menu is decadent, consisting of gooey grilled cheeses and meatball subs that rival your grandmother’s cooking. The chicken sandwich is also a fan favorite in all of its configurations: grilled, crispy and buffalo. The Stag Snack Bar and the Levee are accessible via Grubhub’s robot delivery service, which is undoubtedly the epitome of ease.

In downtown Fairfield, I ventured to Firehouse Deli to sample one of “The Best Sandwiches in Connecticut,” according to “People Magazine.” I entered the building through its red, lacquered doors and was greeted with a frenzy of customers. I ordered the Thanksgiving Sandwich and, upon first bite, I understood the hype. My sandwich was loaded with their house roasted turkey, paired with custardy cornbread stuffing and cranberry sauce. I savored the traditional flavors, minus the chaos and cleanup of a typical holiday dinner. My sandwich joined a broad list, ranging from egg sandwiches to the aptly named “Fairfield U Panini”. The panini is a masterpiece of grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayo. I look forward to trying it during my next visit to represent my steadfast – Stag loyalty! 

Well, I would like to close by expressing my gratitude for the Earl of Sandwich and hope that you will join me in celebrating “World Sandwich Day” as we experience the best things “between” sliced bread!

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