Now that we are back from Winter Break, it has never felt colder. The last warm days disappeared and now going outside feels like walking into a tundra. In these cold times, it is extremely important to stay warm and a good way to do this is through the way you dress. Winter fashion is equally as important as any other seasons’ fashion, it just tends to be overlooked because of how much we bundle up and use layers. Here are some winter fashion tips to keep you warm while keeping you stylish.


Love Your Melon hats – Love Your Melon is a brand that not only makes adorable headwear, but also has an amazing mission. Love Your Melon donates hats to children with cancer and your purchases help. At Love Your Melon, 50 percent of the profit from sales of all products goes to the Love Your Melon Fund, which partners with non-profit partners and other organizations to help children with cancer. Their cuffed beanies are the perfect winter item because they will keep your head and ears warm, and they are extremely fashionable. The hats are a reasonable $30 and you can shop on

Timberland Boots – This fashion item tends to be slightly controversial when it comes to women. I personally think that Timbs are a perfectly acceptable unisex style, but these boots are always in style for men. The boots are extremely durable and meant to ward off harsh weather and give lots of support. I have known many guys that own Timbs and trust me, these shoes are durable, and you can wear them with almost every outfit.

Scarves – Scarves are an obvious option, since most of us have likely been wearing scarves since we were toddlers. Scarves are essential because they keep you warm, but also act as your number one winter accessory. They jazz up our typical jeans and sweater looks and come in many different styles and textures. You cannot go wrong with a fashionable scarf, but as a piece of advice, I tend to stick with more neutral tones when choosing a scarf.

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots- My Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots are my favorite pair of boots. They are waterproof, perfect for walking in snow or rain and are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I currently own. These boots can be seen all around campus and it is because they are that good. While a little pricey, usually costing around $120, I can assure you that these will become a staple in your wardrobe. You can find these boots on the Sperry website.

Moccasins are another pair of shoes that make me love winter. Ugg obviously makes super cozy moccasins that are awesome for winter, but if you’re someone who looks for cheaper options, I love my Minnetonka moccasins just as much as my Uggs. Moccasins are good for those dry winter days, because the fur keeps your feet nice and warm, the only downside is that they are not very snow friendly. You can find Minnetonka moccasins on a variety of sites, but I tend to shop on Zappos because of the company’s quick delivery.

Chapstick – I know chapstick does not technically belong in the winter style category, but winter weather is a killer on the lips. You can have a flawless outfit, but if your lips are dry and cracking, that is what will get noticed first. I personally find Blistex lip medex to be the best chapstick ever created and I never leave home without it. If you feel the problem is really bad, LUSH Cosmetics has amazing lip scrubs that scrub away all of that dead and dry skin.

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