Adjusting to life in a new city, or any city for that matter, can always be a challenge. Because I grew up in a small town and go to Fairfield, I have never had the opportunity to live in a city before coming to London. Aside from day trips into New York City or Boston, this has been my first chance to actually become a part of a city’s energy. As with anything, it takes time to get used to the changes that come with living in a new place.  


Some say England is known for having some of the best cuisine in all of Europe. Ha! If anything, the Brits are known for having some of the worst food around —no offense, England. British food tends to consist of mostly potatoes, unidentified meats, potatoes, mushy peas, potatoes, unidentified bland dishes and did I mention potatoes? OK, it’s really not that bad, but it takes a conscious effort and a fair amount of money to keep yourself from eating french fries (or should I say chips) for every meal.

Aside from all the blandness and potatoes, London’s food still has a lot to offer. “The Camden Town Market” and “Portobello Road Market” have more food stands than you could ever imagine, and they serve everything from falafel to crepes. Every street corner has a different café serving an endless amount of croissants and espresso, and there are tons of both independent and chain restaurants to choose from. When growing accustomed to the food in a new place, whether it is easy or challenging, you have to accept that it won’t be exactly what you’re used to. Take it for what it is and become excited about the opportunity to try something new — even if all you want is a bacon, egg and cheese from Village Bagels.


After having lived in London for two weeks, I definitely think that the UK has an unfair stereotype for lousy weather. Sure there are rainy days like everywhere else and overcast afternoons about half the time, but I would take any of that over two feet of snow and ice. Even though it’s January, the temperatures have been extremely mild and there are even flowers blooming in Regent’s Park. Acclimating to the weather in a new place is like anything else, it just takes time. However, when the coldest London days are around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it doesn’t take too much getting used to.


The best way to fall in love with a new place, whether it be a city, school or small town, is to go out and explore. It takes spontaneity and fearlessness to delve into the uncertainty of a new environment, but it is completely and fully rewarding. Whether it’s going to a museum, exploring a new neighborhood or wandering with no clear destination, getting out and doing something — anything — is the best way to make a new place your new home.

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