After Campion Hall was directed to go into an immediate quarantine on March 11, it has become clear that it can happen to any of us without warning. In order to make this transition as seamless and stressless as possible, here are a few personal tips I think will make this process a whole lot easier.

First and foremost, make sure you have a box or cabinet filled with medicine and other healthcare necessities like tissues, a temperature thermometer, ice packs, heating pads and more. If you happen to get sick or start experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, doctors say the best at-home treatment is Acetaminophen, also known as Tylenol. 

However, even without Coronavirus, you may just find yourself in need of a pain reliever to subside any headaches from staring at a screen or possible stress due to outside factors. Furthermore, you might want to have supplements or foods that are high in vitamin D since you may not be getting enough for the next week or a couple of days. Lastly, a large supply of water to consistently hydrate your body will be essential to have, as it is another way to decrease possible COVID-19 symptoms. 

Without any friends or access to parts of campus besides your room, any form of  entertainment will save you from slipping into boredom. With that being said, store a pile of interesting books somewhere in your room if this time comes. Reading is time-consuming and a great brain activity. If you don’t like reading, I definitely recommend purchasing a streaming platform if you don’t already have one. The most popular applications are Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ or Amazon Prime. Since I own a Netflix account, some super interesting shows I’ve just watched recently include “The OA,” “Queen’s Gambit” and “Behind Her Eyes”. While I don’t have any other content profiles to recommend additional shows, there are many websites that rate which films you should watch depending on which platform you have downloaded. If you don’t feel like paying those monthly subscriptions, some other forms of entertainment can include coloring books, card games with your roommate, paint by numbers and so much more. You may even want to take advantage of this time to focus on school, study, get your work done and boost your grades as the semester progresses.

Finally, you’ll undoubtedly want to keep a lot of your favorite snacks tucked away for this occasion. Make sure you have an assortment of options though. A part of your fridge may be filled with carrots, celery, hummus or fruit from the Tully, while a basket of chips, popcorn and cookies sit under your bed. This will be a nice balanced mixture to help you feel healthy but also give you the opportunity to pig out and try to make some of this lockdown time enjoyable. If you do end up showing symptoms, you may also find microwavable soup, saltines and ginger ale beneficial as well. 

Hopefully we will not need to endure any more dorm-wide quarantines. However, if this time does come, I hope this guide has reminded you of some necessities to write down on your next grocery store list.


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