For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an extensive list hidden in my notes app on my phone. It reads all of the things I want to see, experience and accomplish before I die. Some may think it’s a bit morbid, but to me, it is merely just my bucket list. 

I feel like most people have a good sense of what activities they want to take part in someday or even set a goal for themselves to achieve at some point in their lives. Well, I do too. I just make sure to document it. Especially during a year filled with quarantines and ghost towns, I find it motivating to look through a list filled with such promise. While my original iPhone notes page is about five thumb scrolls long, here are my top ten future moments I want to share with you and hopefully invoke some inspiration!

Jumping out of a plane seems absolutely ridiculous. I mean, just imagine telling someone with no knowledge of sky diving that you willingly leapt out of a perfectly working airplane. It just doesn’t seem like the smartest thing, to say the least. But at the same time, it’s like a rite of passage in life. Even though I’m afraid of heights and would probably chicken out mid-flight, this will always be something I want to say I had the courage to do.

Swimming with sharks; also, a brainless decision. However, cage diving seems like it would give you the ultimate sense of invincibility and would just be an overall badass story to tell. After watching “47 Meters Down,” I might need to take some time to work up the courage, though.

Another activity where I will unquestionably feel indestructible is riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. The only thing that makes me a little bit reluctant to ride is knowing I will have to lean into turns, but the scene in “Nerve” will always make me long for my own bridge moment.

Exploring the underwater universe has been a constant point on my list. While I have luckily experienced the beauty of snorkeling, I have yet to go scuba diving. I think the open water freaks me out some, but the view would definitely be worth any fear I bear. 

For many people, the northern lights may seem like a common sight in more rural areas of the world, but I have never had the privilege of seeing them. Gazing up at the vibrant colors moving throughout the night sky, would be a dream come true. Hopefully, I will be able to view them someday.

Certain movies always have a cliche scene that is silly or unoriginal like camping out on a beach overnight, but I don’t care. I would love to set up a tent, talk around a warm fire and fall asleep to the close crashing waves. I can already vividly imagine doing this in the summer with my cousins and brother, so I know I just have to make this core memory a reality.

While I have visited some really breathtaking and cool places like San Francisco, New York City, Disney World and more, I have yet to travel outside of the United States of America. It might make a large dent in the bank, but I truly feel like it would be more than worth it. I honestly don’t care where I go in the world whether it’s Italy, France, Greece or the Bahamas. I just want to go somewhere with my loved ones and experience different cultures.

Once when I was a kid, I saw a television program talk about a hot air balloon event where hundreds of people gathered in a field and flew up into the blue sky. I was in disbelief from the videos they showed viewing the landscapes and extremely jealous of the giddy riders. From then on, I’ve always wanted to try it out myself.

To say my brother and I are huge “Kitchen Nightmares” fans would be an understatement. Throughout the first quarantine, we binged every episode within a few days. We have always loved Gordon Ramsay’s rude and hilarious remarks, and it is our dream to eat at one of his restaurants someday. Not only will we probably have the best meal of our lives, but hopefully meet the same man that has gotten us to laugh harder than anyone ever before.

My ultimate career goal would have to be publishing a book or a script. Currently, my dream job would be to work as a screenplay writer and produce a brilliant show or film like many Netflix originals I have watched. So getting something published like this in my name would ultimately accomplish the last bullet point on my note page. 

These are only a few things from my well-thought-out checklist, and will undoubtedly be accompanied by some more as time goes on. I know a handful may seem small or foolish, but I truly want to take part in each of these activities at least once. After all, we only live once, so we might as well the most out of it.


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