As Groundhog Day soon approaches, the looming threat of six more weeks of winter stands strong. We haven’t had much snow, and if the temperature drops below that special 32 degrees Fahrenheit, there aren’t more than a couple of flurries. Many are bored with the season, while others wish it could feel more like the snow-filled winter they dreamt of as kids. To brighten up such gray skies (and bad moods), fill your days with some of the following winter activities!

Ice Skating:

Ice skating is not for everyone, but it certainly leads to a lot of laughs. No matter your experience, this activity is bound to bring a friend group some fun. This is possible at Wonderland of Ice, which is less than five miles from campus. There, you and your friends can attend a public skating session and keep the idea of an icy winter alive.

Bake Cookies:

Though it is traditionally viewed as more of a Christmas activity, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. This is the perfect opportunity to get cozy inside and bake some cookies! Stop by Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks to stock up on hot chocolate, and play some wintery jazz to truly set the mood. If you have a TV, throw up a video of a crackling fire. Your room will smell like fresh-baked cookies, and you and your friends can enjoy your warm drinks next to a fake fire. 


Depending on your level of experience, like ice skating, this activity may vary in entertainment. However, if you’re a big skier, there are plenty of resorts nearby to slake your thirst for the slopes. Gather up a group of friends and plan to go to Mount Southington or Powder Ridge for the day. Not only will this provide you with fun, but you’ll be simultaneously exercising enjoyably! 

Make Paper Snowflakes:

Though many people haven’t done an activity like this since elementary school, it is the perfect way to keep the joy of winter alive while bringing out your inner child. Look up patterns to create a specific type of snowflake, or freehand it with scissors and a little faith. Ask your friends for some help decorating a shared living space to immerse everyone in the joy of winter–with or without snow. 


As previously mentioned, these activities aren’t for anyone. If you’re more interested in being lazy than braving the cold to exercise, look no further than a ball of yarn and some tools you can purchase from Michael’s. Be warned: crocheting and knitting require a lot of concentration when first starting out. However, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can create warm scarves and sweaters for yourself and all your friends. 

Whether you take part in one or all of the following activities, you’ll be sure to embrace the next few months of chilly weather with a smile. Say goodbye to boredom, and hello to the last few weeks of winter.

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