What is a Hot Girl Walk:

The term has been adopted by young women post-pandemic when walks became a daily activity. In true Gen Z form, young people found a way to romanticize the chore. Now it is important to note that none of this is revolutionary, it is just a walk. 

What makes a Hot Girl Walk (HGW) important is the whole aesthetic of the experience. In my experience, I am more motivated to work out if I have an outfit that makes me feel confident and a playlist that will make me want to move. 

The HGW not only focuses on the physical wellness of your body but also your mind. We go on Hot Girl Walks to clear our heads after midterms, to get outside after sitting in classes all day and to stretch our legs after watching TV all day. 

Important Elements:

I am going to list some items that will upgrade your HGWing experience; however, I want to make it abundantly clear that you do not need to buy ANYTHING to have a fabulous hot girl walk. You can pick anything that makes you feel comfortable and confident from your closet and head out your door. But if you are an avid walker and want to enhance your walks, here are some things to do.

I know that nothing motivates me to get active more than a nice athletic set. A new outfit is a great way to treat yourself after making the effort to be mindful of your wellness. You do not have to break the bank to have a fun new outfit to motivate you to want to wear it out on a walk. The most important thing is not the outfit itself, it’s how it makes you feel. Comfort and confidence must come first here, otherwise, it will be all you think while you Hot Girl Walk (yes HGW is a verb too).

I would recommend that if you are walking around your college campus, you devise a solid route to stick to. This way, once you pop in your earbuds, you can stroll around campus without having to necessarily watch for traffic or for any suspicious activity. If you are walking off campus, be more aware of your surroundings. In this case, I recommend changing up your route frequently to prevent potential attackers from knowing your routine. On this type of walk, I also recommend that you do not have noise-canceling headphones and to be on alert and possibly take a personal alarm with you. Do not let fear overcome you on your hot girl walk, but I do want you to be safe and aware of your surroundings. 

Another element of a Hot Girl Walk is having the perfect playlist to properly set the vibe of your route. I personally recommend having a few different playlists for different moods ready to go. For instance, a crisp fall stroll may call for one of two vibes. One is a moody/indie mix consisting of Phoebe Bridgers, Lizzie McAlpine, Suki Waterhouse and even the Twilight Saga Soundtrack. These lowkey sounds will allow your mind to drift to a peaceful and serene place, however sad.

An alternate path for an autumn walk can be what I can only think to describe as “Gilmore Girls.” What I mean by this is for you to pick any song that sounds like it would make an appearance on the hit sitcom of the same name. Usually, though not required, these songs are native to the early 2000s and have a chill yet upbeat tone. Some artists that immediately pop into my head are the Cranberries, Sixpence None The Richer and The La’s. This is the direction I have been favoring recently. 

I always find that “Linger” by my favorite Irish band never fails to put some pep in my step. With the right soundtrack, it is easy to soak up whatever beautiful weather is around you and envision yourself as the main character.

While it would be wonderful anytime we decide to embark on a Hot Girl Walk, the sun would be shining and birds would be chirping, which is wildly fanciful. Especially in the autumn and winter months, it can be impossible to get moving outside without getting drenched or slipping on black ice. In this case, head to the gym. I have to be real, the gym is not my favorite place or where I feel the most safe. It can be full of judgemental people who tend to make us feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. 

However, the point of a HGW is to block out the negative energy and put all of the focus on our goals, whether that be a certain amount of time you want to be walking or the mileage you want to hit. While I never recommend putting yourself in a dangerous situation, do not let it be insecurities that prevent you from putting yourself out there. When I brave the gym, I make a b-line to the treadmills, put on my music, and block out the world. 

After my walk, I typically catch my breath and head straight to the shower. These are usually days I opt for an “everything shower”. I will do a deep wash of my hair. If you really want to continue your self-care, I would recommend putting on a face mask (I love this one from Neutrogena and this one from Mario Badescu) and turning on The Vampire Diaries.

I will leave you here in your comfiest sweats, the way every hot girl walk should end. I hope that this guide has sparked something in you to try something new that will exercise both your body and your mind.

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