In today’s global climate setting, more and more people are trying to find better clothing options compared to the wasteful ways of fast fashion. While fast fashion and online retailers like Forever 21 and SHEIN are extremely popular, especially among college students, there are ways to be sustainable while still helping the environment. While sustainable fashion may be a little bit more pricey in comparison to the typical fast fashion shopping category, these clothing styles are meant for everyday use and never go out of style. They are built to last; not just a “fad” for one season. With that being said, here are several clothing stores that help with the planet, and make you still fashionable. 


Madewell is a great option for college students who need clothing for every possible event-class, work, holidays, pretty much anything! They are overall a great brand that makes quality clothing and offer a 20% off student discount which adds up a lot. Most of their clothing is made from recycled materials, and they even have a program with their jeans that helps. If you bring in an old pair of jeans, no matter the brand, they take that pair of jeans and turn it into insulation for low income housing. In return, the customer is awarded a $20 coupon that can be used on a pair of new jeans to purchase. Madewell jeans are my absolute favorite, and they are truly meant to last for years.  

Known Supply 

Known Supply is another great option for fair-trade, sustainable clothing. They have both a men and women’s selection to choose from, and most of their items are reasonably priced. They have a lot of nice options with fabric locally sourced, as well as offer a collaborative approach for each item made. Every piece of clothing is hand signed and the customer is given a little bit of information about the person who made the piece, which brings back the human added value to making clothing compared to fast fashion factories that resort to using cheap labor, and in some cases, children. This brand is a great one to take a look at. 


Tentree is another great option for someone looking to lighten their eco-footprint. They are a Certified B Corporation, which means that they hold one of the highest standards a company can have ecologically. With every item purchased, the company plants 10 trees, which definitely helps the environment in the long run. They also practice ethical manufacturing, which means that their products are created in a fair, safe working environment which also pays off for the employees making the clothing-they are not breathing in harsh dyes or fumes that can come from fast fashion. They also use the most sustainable materials and offer men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. 

Boody Eco-wear 

Since COVID-19 began, there has been a huge skyrocket in sales of athleisure and loungewear sets for Boody Eco-wear. This company primarily makes both, as well as lines for men and children. Their fabrics are derived from bamboo and are free from pesticides, fertilizers or artificial irrigation, which definitely helps to put the earth in a better condition. Their clothing is fairly priced, considering the ingredients that go into making their products and what they are free from. The next time you go to order a new loungewear set, take a look! 

More people have become conscious shoppers when it comes to ways that can help out the earth and protect its precious resources. Fast fashion monsters like SHEIN have definitely not helped out, and while we all know that it can be hard to not automatically look there for a new round of going out tops, there are better options. You just might have to look a little bit harder!

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