A pair of socks can do wonders for an outfit. Yup, you read right — socks. These small accessories can do anything from creating a casual look to adding excitement to your attire.

Chunky Socks are perfect for the cold weather. They can be worn over leggings, jeans, stockings — pretty much everything. Chunky socks can create a hobo-chic look when paired with an oversized shirt, sweater or jacket and a beanie.

If you’re looking for something to spice up your outfit, thigh-high socks can do the trick. They go well with shorter dresses, skirts (especially skater skirts) and shorts. Thigh-high socks are perfect for concerts and casual party settings, or simply if you want to achieve a street style look.

Knee-high socks, similar to thigh-highs, are commonly seen in schoolgirl ensembles. However, knee-high socks are also seen in street fashion. They can be folded down to shorter levels to make for chunky socks.

Although they are popularly used by dancers, leg warmers can come in handy for anyone. They can be paired with most shoes, including flats, tall and short boots, sneakers and booties. Leg warmers can be scrunched down to appear chunky, or they can be pulled up for a cleaner look.

So next time you’re putting an outfit together, consider putting a sock in it. Literally.

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