I’d heard the stories. Friends, faculty and staff alike warned me, but I had to know the truth. Was Dolan Hall really haunted? Growing up on influential shows like “The X Files” and “Scooby Doo” drove my imagination and raised my courage as I walked up the long road to the decrepit building. I thought, if I could even be remotely like FBI agent Fox Mulder during this investigation, then that would be awesome. Accompanied by the dark and moody sky, as well as my fellow investigator Andrew DaRosa following closely behind, we climbed up the imposing stairs to the entrance.

Upon entering, everything seemed as plain as vanilla ice cream; no ghosts here I thought with amusement. However, in the corner of my eye, I noticed the security camera monitor flickering menacingly on the wall, covered in a thick grain of distorted film.

We managed to find residents to share their thoughts on the matter. Junior Erin Monahan recounted the infamous legend surrounding Dolan Hall.

“Apparently … a nun killed herself in an apartment here,” said Monahan. “But I don’t really believe in haunted stuff at all, so it doesn’t throw me for a loop.”

We also heard beforehand that room 403 was especially haunted, so we called the elevator for the fourth floor and waited in anticipation. When the door opened, Andrew attempted to snap a photo of the interior, only to have his camera suddenly stop working. Unsettled, we hesitantly entered.

After arriving on the fourth floor, Andrew immediately noticed the Kubrick-style design of the hallway and thoughts of “The Shining” instantly flooded my mind. Would creepy twins appear suddenly? As my heart pumped erratically, I knocked on the door of 403 to ask the residents if they had experienced anything supernatural. Unfortunately, no one was there to comment.

Is this the room where it happens? Special Agents Brendan and Andrew investigate

Is this the room where it happens? Special Agents Brendan and Andrew investigate

As Andrew and I searched around the floor, the elevator suddenly opened up with no one inside. An eerily cold feeling shot through us and we left the scene faster than Scooby Doo hurtles toward a fresh Scooby Snack. After rushing down the blood red stairs back to the third floor, we sighed heavily with relief and continued to look for more students to comment.

Resident Assistant Aryam Kifle ’17 gave us her thoughts on the legend.

“I heard that a couple of years ago some girls who lived in my apartment thought they ‘felt a presence,’ so they had a Jesuit come and bless it. It’s definitely haunted,” said Kifle.

Leaving Dolan Hall with our senses on full alert and a newfound respect for paranormal investigators, we realized why the stories continue to pass down from year to year. There was certainly something supernatural that we experienced during our time in Dolan Hall and I realized that I should probably change my major to parapsychology.

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    I lived in 403, it was most certainly haunted. My roommate asked Father Allen if he could bless it!


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