Though it may not yet feel like it, spring is almost upon us! Thus, we have entered one of the most tumultuous periods of time for weather. One day, the sun will be shining down on us, birds chirping all around and the next, the ground is coated in even more snow. This time of year can be incredibly difficult to dress for, as it seems any outfit choice ends up being the incorrect one by the end of the day. To combat this dilemma, I have curated a list of some spring transitional pieces that are intrinsic to any wardrobe. The weather might be unpredictable, but you can still remain prepared: all with a few purchases here and there, or even some mindful repurposing of existing pieces!

The main concept that will help you style and properly wear any of these pieces is a cult classic: layering. Though it may seem intuitive, learning how to delicately layer certain pieces to make an outfit (without any of the bulk often associated with layering fabrics over one another) is a skill that will completely change the capabilities of your current wardrobe. As we move into slightly warmer weather, it is important to layer using light fabrics, such as cotton, to create unique silhouettes. Throwing on a thin turtleneck undershirt under a light sweater with some jeans allows you to stay warm, while still adding an element of intention to your look. Layering is also incredibly useful for days that are slightly on the chillier side, as it allows you to bundle up without the thickness of too many knit fabrics rubbing up against one another. It is a skill that certainly takes time to master, as layering really only works when neutrals and more delicate colors are used to tone down the overall effect of so many fabrics. Despite these seemingly harsh “rules” of layering, don’t forget to enjoy the process and have fun: fashion is an art form, not a rule book!

Another piece that I cannot imagine surviving these strange months without would be my platform high-top Converse. I own a pair in virtually every color, and while they have little support or overall traction, I have found them to be the perfect transitional shoe. In some ways, they closely resemble a boot, providing coverage up to the ankle with the outer fabric. The rubber outer sole and bottom of the sneaker can also provide a fairly surprising amount of protection from the snow, especially as it starts to melt, and we are left with icy puddles. By no means am I saying that Converse are the ideal winter shoes, but I think that they are a great choice as we move into the warmer months. They are also incredibly easy to clean, meaning the investment is very worthwhile in my opinion. I am telling you this as someone who owns practically their entire line of platform shoes, go buy yourself a pair!

Another staple during this seasonal transitional period is a classic and might seem intuitive: long sleeve tops! I cannot count how many times I have fretted over finding an outfit for class, only to remember that I have an entire drawer filled with options for when I don’t want to be too warm in my travels. They pair effortlessly with sweatpants, or for a slightly dressier option, with jeans or trousers. I know it may sound silly to suggest adding such an indistinct category of garment to your wardrobe, but I truly think that long sleeve shirts do not receive nearly the recognition they deserve! Find one that suits your personal style, pair it with a jacket on colder days, and you are all set to face whatever elements may greet you outside.

The period of time between winter and spring can be a difficult one to dress for, as the anticipation of warmer months brings feelings of excitement and glee. However, it can also be stressful attempting to figure out how to transform your current wardrobe into outfits that can fluctuate with the temperature. Though these tips may seem obvious, I often find that when I take a closer look at my own wardrobe, I find so many additional ways to style things, as opposed to simply buying new pieces when I feel that none of my current garments will suffice. I hope that this fashion guide has allowed you to gain insight and knowledge on your own personal preferences and will encourage you to make more purposeful choices when putting together looks!


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